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Key assignments /// XBOX TOOLBAR

Not Enough Votes David Comments: 12 Reply 5 days ago by tine c.
3 votes

More ship and station technology

Under Consideration Mr 3. Comments: 13 Reply 6 days ago by Levi M.
84 votes

Xbox one split screen

Not Enough Votes DJ E. Comments: 10 Reply 12 days ago by russelltitus
53 votes

Suggestion: Modular Encounter Spawner

Under Consideration Darren W. Comments: 19 Reply 14 days ago by Darren W.
100 votes

Folding landing gear

Not Enough Votes Benjamin H. Comments: 6 Reply 18 days ago by Marco L.
85 votes

Can we get shilds for our ships?

Not Enough Votes Andrew F. Comments: 8 Reply 20 days ago by Dylan
63 votes

LCD screens with live camera feeds.

Under Consideration Darren H. Comments: 15 Reply 20 days ago by Corey L.
189 votes

Next Update?

Not Enough Votes Tony S. Comments: 5 Reply 24 days ago by Tikos
18 votes

Ships burn up when entering atmosphere

Not Enough Votes Mad G. Comments: 3 Reply 24 days ago by Tikos
39 votes

Update Ideas

Submitted Jayden S. Comments: 1 Reply 26 days ago by Denis M.
4 votes

Single Player Enemies

Submitted Engineer I. Comments: 1 Reply 29 days ago by FernYost
3 votes

Turret Controller Angle Motion Deactivation

Not Enough Votes MithShack Comments: 1 Reply 31 days ago by MithShack
1 vote

Warfare 2 DLC Weapons Update

Not Enough Votes brian g. Comments: 2 Reply 32 days ago by brian g.
3 votes

Ability to set pistons as rotors in the custom turret controller.

Not Enough Votes Tom L. Comments: 1 Reply 32 days ago by Cheezus
1 vote


Not Enough Votes yeeebee Comments: 3 Reply 32 days ago by OrinGreen
6 votes

Improved Fire

Not Enough Votes DemonLord04 Comments: 2 Reply 35 days ago by OrinGreen
11 votes

performance issues

Completed Gryphon X. Comments: 3 Reply 58 days ago by Yulgai J.
4 votes

speed limit increases to 1200m/s

Not Enough Votes the b. Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by the b.
4 votes

Xbox control/control settings overhaul

Not Enough Votes Not G. Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Kyle O.
1 vote
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