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Darren Harper shared this feedback 2 years ago
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Add food as an extra survival element. You could have greenhouses or climate controlled rooms. Convert ice into water to irrigate crops or grow hydroponically. You would have to buy different seeds at stations but you would start with potatoes as default. It could also be added to contracts. Adding water as a resource could also make gravel useful as it could be combined to make concrete blocks and expand building options. Due to not being able to have water in game if you lose or drop water on a planet it just soaks into the ground and if it happens in space it turns into ice.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


yes plant food and convert ice into water this needs to be in the game grow food will make the game better +give the player the option to plant trees or find berrys in the world harvers crops for boost in oxygen ore more speed for running a greenhouse project for food grow is fun


Yes consumable items is something i would like to see in the game that offers a food and water bar + health bar.

I think the best way to go about it is to keep it simple and have two blocks that can be used for small and large grid, one block that turns ice to water then holds that water then can be processed and put into water packets for consumption then the other block to be a planter block or green house block and some sort of space plant, once the crop is grown then can be made in to a military ration, and to grow it just some gravel water and the seeds and when you die have like a %50 de-buff on your stats for a couple of minutes as a small setback for dying which i think is needed as to me it feels strange not to have some sort of penalty as most games do.

I wonder if many out have thought about how much more this would add to the game from a logistical perspective needing to make water and the food taking it with you when going on long trips or traveling between planets or for those of who live in large mobile ships and ground vehicles to grow it on on board as you travel.

Also for those not so in to the idea make sure to have a sever option and client option to toggle it on and off under the survival mode game play.


All I have to add is to make it all optional. I would definitely use these systems if they were available, but they aren't going to fit every play-style. (I'm imagining someone losing a long race or battle because their character started to starve, lol)


I like the "Daily needs" mod on PC


Something that can make oxygen beyond the oxy farms, cause i guess due to poor design or bad thought into it, you need like 18 to 24 of them just to offset the oxygen just 1 person breathes, nevermind the idea of having a crew. and you need the sun otherwise you don't breathe unless you setup a oxygen tank and hope the air your breathing made by the Oxy farms produces more than needed so you can full the oxy tank.

If plants could make Oxygen in more reasonable amount, or increase the oxy gain of the oxy farm's or something..

Players can be inconsiderent and just open the door and vent all your hard earned Oxy-farm air and have it go right out the door and have to wait a long time for it to re-cop what you lost.

Something that can not have to rely on ICE all the time.

Maybe something that can make hydrogen like a coverter or something so ice isn't needed as much. Those hydro thrusters suckdown the hydro like it's nobody's business and need sssssoooo much ice for small lift.

make hydro from Silicon converter, or some other resource so Ice isn't needed as much if you have other resources that could be utilized instead.

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