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Next Update?

Under Consideration Tony S. Comments: 4 Reply 10 days ago by BearGawn
16 votes

Just saying water could be useful

Under Consideration Michael P. Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by Add W.
32 votes

Things that would make Xbox life easier

Completed Aaron M. Comments: 6 Reply 44 days ago by Mikey S.
31 votes


Submitted Engineer I. Comments: 1 Reply 51 days ago by Stephen A.
4 votes

Build Planner Won't Pull From Connected Grids

Under Consideration Jonathan C. Comments: 5 Reply 55 days ago by Mechaflash
5 votes


"User is already joined" Error

Need More Information Rubenglr Comments: 31 Reply 16 hours ago by Keen S.
17 votes

1x2 window faces

Won't Fix Brian H. Comments: 4 Reply 9 days ago by QA K.
1 vote

"Playing it Cool" Achievement Bugged on Xbox

Reported – Awaiting fix Conner D. Comments: 7 Reply 10 days ago by dracanta
3 votes

More than 128 Char on MOTD for Dedicated Servers

Not a Bug Kyle O. Comments: 1 Reply 10 days ago by Keen S.
1 vote
1 vote