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Announcement: Update 1.199 - Heavy Industry (XBOX) 28 Jul 2021


Scripts on Xbox?

Completed Mark E. Comments: 93 Reply 2 months ago by Jamie C.
177 votes

Dedicated Servers XB

Completed Journey M. Comments: 47 Reply 11 months ago by Keen S.
140 votes

Mod Support

Completed Brandon C. Comments: 53 Reply 9 months ago by Adrian G.
127 votes

LCD screens with live camera feeds.

Under Consideration Darren H. Comments: 6 Reply 9 months ago by drew p.
103 votes

Weapon variety

Under Consideration Mr 3. Comments: 29 Reply 7 months ago by Ricksus
98 votes


Console turning off..

Need More Information Charles E. Comments: 36 Reply 22 days ago by Keen S.
18 votes

"User is already joined" Error

Need More Information Rubenglr Comments: 31 Reply 3 months ago by Keen S.
17 votes

Build planner

Solved MetalAdder101 Comments: 14 Reply 10 months ago by Scott .
11 votes


Solved dracanta Comments: 5 Reply 11 months ago by QA K.
8 votes

Blurry textures on series x

Reported – Awaiting fix PostMortalForm Comments: 8 Reply 5 months ago by Mike C.
7 votes