Food bar and farming

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


I will add my suggestion to this thread instead of starting a new one. I've been looking at making a mod that works like this, but not sure if it's possible.

For farming I would add the following new blocks and items

1) Water - Add a new type of 'gas' that is water. It can be produced from ice and put into bottles to refill a thirst meter or used to grow food. Can be stored in tanks

2) Water purifier -Similar to an oxygen/hydrogen generator, this makes water from ice and puts it into water tanks with the conveyor network. Can also fill water bottles

3) Water tank - Stores water from the purifier and fills bottles. Should drop ice if broken in cold temperatures, but just loses the water if broken in warm temperatures.

4) Planter - A place for growing food. Basically an assembler that turns seeds and maybe fertilizer into vegetables. This block should only work when:

a) There is water available on the conveyor network the planter is connected to

b) There is sunlight hitting the block (would mean allowing a raycast from the block along the sun angle to ignore glass blocks. Currently this doesn't seem to work from looking at how solar panels work. Could accomplish this by putting glass on a separate collision layer from other blocks. Most collision checks against existing layers and the new glass layer, but you could do raycasts for light against the other layers only and ignore glass)

c) The block is in a pressurized area. This means that on earth-like you could put planters outside and grow food, but on mars or the moon etc you would have to build pressurized greenhouses (hence needing to be able to raycast through glass to check sunlight). This feels like a fun engineering task and would mean you have to plan for this in your builds to grow food.

4) Planter with grow lights - Identical to the planter, but has grow lights so that it can be used without the sun. Assuming planters are 1x1x1 blocks, I would have the power requirement be 1/6 of what is produced by a solar panel plus a little extra since there would be losses in transmission of power and solar panels don't convert 100% of solar radiation to electricity. It would make using actual sunlight preferable where possible, but allow for better defended farms when attacks are a factor.

5) Kitchen or Food Processor - Turns raw vegetables into better food

6) Various veg food items - Fills hunger bar

This could be expanded to include other food items in the future, like animals/meat, maybe a block for raising food crickets or meal worms for that extra sci-fi aspect.


This is very well thought out. I was going to suggest a Hydroponic system for space saving on ships, but making it pressurized does make it a good idea. Doubly so considering that the mars or moon planets would be harder to grow without pressurized blocks.

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