AI Activity In World and PCU limit

Erick Sebastian shared this feedback 4 years ago
Not Enough Votes

I've been playing for almost a week in Xbox console, awesome game.

But the world sometimes feels alone and empty. (Not much NPC spawns In space and there are just drones, cargo ships or stations and not much fighting)

What's the point to build a fortified base in a planet if there is no threat beside asteroids?

Atmospheric enemy AI is none from my experience in vanilla game (Only in Never Surrender scenario). Can't seem to alter the spawn time/sequence for AI in space/Planets

In the PCU limit, I can't seem to expand building space stations or ships due to this.

I understand the power needed for the game engine to process all of the information including the Xbox.

Although, a very well created game and with so much potential to become greater than ever before. Attracting new players since early access.

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Absolutly what I wanted too.


We definitely need a higher PCU limit


We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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