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Default Hydrogen Tanks are just too big

Completed SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ Comments: 34 Reply 2 days ago by Ryukki
86 votes

A use for all that gravel... Concrete!

Declined Christopher B. Comments: 19 Reply 1 week ago by error 4.
74 votes

We need 29 Hydrogen engines to replace 1 large reactor....

Submitted Keks Comments: 74 Reply 55 minutes ago by Darkheyr
49 votes

[Public Test] Progression Do-Over, Please!

Completed Geneticus0 Comments: 17 Reply 1 week ago by Fatsack
48 votes

Hydrogen Engine

Under Consideration Hay D. Comments: 17 Reply 3 hours ago by Robert
47 votes

Small hydrogen tank

Completed Cruateor Comments: 12 Reply 1 week ago by Kyro G.
44 votes

We still need a smaller hydrogen tank - Public Test #2

Submitted Darkheyr Comments: 7 Reply 1 week ago by AKU1
42 votes

Inventory Sizes

Completed BarryTGash Comments: 45 Reply 1 week ago by Stephen B.
38 votes

Make Gas tanks Universal

Submitted Kuroshi Comments: 5 Reply 1 day ago by Rex T.
37 votes
32 votes

Concrete blocks, not concrete voxels

Submitted Smokki Comments: 11 Reply 23 hours ago by WildCatNL
32 votes

Regarding the new respawn system

Completed Kuroshi Comments: 14 Reply 2 weeks ago by Space E.
27 votes

Survival Update: Uranium Harder

Submitted Blackbomber Comments: 21 Reply 19 hours ago by Mia R.
27 votes

Retractable landing gear

Submitted DanyBeerino Comments: 4 Reply 1 week ago by Vorg
26 votes

Hydrogen Engine Tank needs tank behaviour

Submitted Darkheyr Comments: 19 Reply 1 day ago by Stephen C.
25 votes

Put some uranium in Inferno sections of Planets

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 6 Reply 1 day ago by Nicholas S.
24 votes

Make the new temperature mechanic have visual effects

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 5 Reply 1 week ago by Pedro P.
23 votes

"fake" lcds on cockpit

Under Consideration Copycat80 Comments: 4 Reply 2 weeks ago by Space E.
22 votes
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