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Zooblesnoops shared this feedback 3 years ago

the sloped sides of slope blocks are always slightly larger lengthwise than standard square-sided ones. What if there were "1x1 slope mount" and "2x1 slope mount" blocks that attached by their oblong sides to create angled grids?

As far as technicals go, while the game would understand these separate grids as indeed physically separate, blocks acting through the conveyor or power system would be function as if they were on the same grid, and all rigid grids directly attached to each other would share one name. This makes sense because all attached angled grids are completely rigid and subsequently clang-free. It would allow for angled thrusters, new cockpit angles, etc.

1x1 slope mounts would be 1x1x1 blocks centered on the odd face with generous colliders around the 2.5m cube, where the rest of the odd face would be filled and appear to be an extrusion of the odd face. 2x1 mounts would follow the same rules.

Other new blocks would include...

Thick wedge armor block, which has two oblong faces (equal to 1x1 slope face) which allows for 15 degree angles.

Thin wedge armor block, which has two oblong faces (equal to 2x1 slope face) which allows for 10 degree angles.

1x1 Angled Conveyor [large/small]

2x1 Angled Conveyor [large/small]

1x1 Small Angled Conveyor [small]

2x1 Small Angled Conveyor [small]

If you kind folks at KSH are so inclined, seeing as there is already the option to attach small rotor heads to large rotors (and vice versa) "grid interchanger" slope and non-slope blocks functioning with the above rules would be a tremendous plus. Thanks!

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Oh, I had asked this but worded it more poorly, XD

basically yes, the idea would be to eliminate the physics weirdness of rotors/hinges if possible and just let grids link to one another, preferably small/large options as well!


Interesting but it could get complicated

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