Keen test #3 EU

David Warp shared this feedback 4 years ago
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Hi Devs,

thanks for the test. I think great improvement.

yesterday there was 24 players on the server and I didnt notice any lags.

today 16 and no issues either.

I wish you will implement multi treading in way that server will use all

available CPU cores and in the future even server clustering.

Have keen server with 1k players is a dream.

I know it is not that simple might be not gonna happen but I have my hopes.

this piece you have done is great and I cant wait for full release.


- refinery on this grid doesnt use power while processing ore. (GRID name "!BUG! - refinery ..." on Keen test #3 EU)

- trading station SCMK (moon orbit 15Km from here) have door in access denied

- cryopod taskbar G menu is empty.

- last login to game seems like voxels reset but only visualy but physicly

they are gone and I can walk into it and see behind the voxel.

Reload (F5) didnt fix it. after few minutes of play voxels fixed itself.

- assembler was making build noice but no parts were made.

I cleared the queue and steel plates were build but motors stuck it again

tried to power on off assembler and whole grid but didnt help.

Ideas for game

- oficial keen scripts in programable block - prebuild scripts in game core for perf.

.sorting inventory system - each cargo can have custom data with black white list

.LCD scripts - possibilities in custom LCD scripts (inventory etc) are great.

I miss them on servers with no scripst allows

.refinery and assembler control- set what to refine and which parts build

.scripts are great but bad script breaking performance.

if you do the popular scripts build in game core you can optimize

them to have better performance and not destroing the game play.

.this could give PB meaning if custom scripts are disabled in world.

good job ;-)

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