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Ion thrusters switch on timer but do not produce thrust

Duplicate andersenman Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by QA K.

Press [this] for Crouch - Keen, take note.

Archived andersenman Comments: 7 Reply 13 months ago by Peares S.

Head of subgridded drill easily stuck in terrain

Reported andersenman Comments: 1 Reply 17 months ago by Ondrej B.

Permit duplicate blocks on toolbar

Archived andersenman Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by Terry F.

Add railgun's purple fire to Exhaust block

Archived andersenman 19 months ago No Comments

Permit sorters to drain-all ore from refinery

Archived andersenman Comments: 5 Reply 20 months ago by Nikolas M.

A way to trigger block actions from WASD* input

Archived andersenman Comments: 4 Reply 19 months ago by ZarHakkar

Unreliable stockpiling of small-grid hydrogen tanks

Archived andersenman Comments: 15 Reply 17 months ago by Matthew S.

Loading screen tip regarding chat has typo

Archived andersenman Comments: 2 Reply 20 months ago by Laura K.

Add damping toggle to gyros

Submitted andersenman Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by andersenman

Add damping toggle to thrusters

Submitted andersenman Comments: 13 Reply 21 months ago by andersenman

Expose parking brake switch

Submitted andersenman 4 years ago No Comments