Add damping toggle to gyros

andersenman shared this feedback 2 years ago

As a driver of a surface vehicle, I want to be able to control or correct the orientation, or attitude, of my vehicle during leaps, accidental or otherwise, without having gyros interfere with the ground adherence all the time, and without needing a separate toggle every time I need to make a correction.

Right now,

  • Gyros attempt to hold attitude all the time while they're switched on.
  • Gyros react to rotational input while they're switched on.
  • To allow a vehicle free following of the ground contours, the gyro must be switched off.
  • To make an attitude change or correction, the gyro must be switched on temporarily, requiring additional input.

The current system makes gameplay unnecessarily clunky, but appears to have all the necessary elements already implemented, just not yet made available in a form that solves this request.

So, I would like a toggle for gyros to react only to manual inputs.

This would make driving much smoother and also safer to use.



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I'm very tempted to make a QoL suggestion collecting many small changes like these that would each make gameplay just a little smoother and nicer. As it is, these individual ones get lost in new.


I appreciate the sentiment!

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