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Make item protection against "Deposit all" customizable

andersenman shared this feedback 15 months ago
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Currently, with the Deposit all shortcut, or the corresponding button, the entire inventory contents are either deposited or retained indiscriminately, regardless of type and count:

  • All components, including Explosives and Zone chips
  • All ingots
  • All ores
  • No weapons
  • No tools
  • No consumables
  • No ammunition (of any kind and caliber!)
  • No credits
  • No bottles
  • No packages
  • No datapads


  • It is rare I do want to keep some twenty welders with me at all times.
  • There is no handheld weapon for which I could possibly want to keep, say, artillery shells on me at all times. (Rocket launcher ammo, though, that's fair enough, but even then.) It is far more likely that I've been salvaging that ammo from a ground-down turret and would want to just dump everything into cargo.

As such, as a player, I want to customize what is deposited, and how much.

I propose:

  • On the Inventory page of the terminal, when the player's inventory view is selected, add a second character inventory.
  • Make the first inventory the protected one.
  • Make the second inventory the unprotected one.
  • Any item, and amount of items, in the protected inventory, resists depositing.
  • Any item, and amount of items, in the unprotected inventory, is deposited indiscriminately.
  • Any item that the player picks up is only ever added to the unprotected inventory, even and especially so when it's a stackable item and there is at least one such item in the protected inventory already.
  • Items in the protected inventory can only ever be added and removed by the player, manually, in the inventory screen. (Optional) exception: Spawning may add the starter tools directly to the protected inventory.
  • Items in the protected inventory may still be consumed by their traditional and intended methods (like the use of power cells, the consumption of ammunition, the depletion of oxygen and hydrogen, etc.)

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I realize I should have put the proposal in a separate post as, as I think about it, it addresses only some situations, and leaving out other situations makes it rather one-sided and incomplete.

Namely, it leaves regular building and grinding and especially the build planner out of the picture. For example:

  • Given how the proposal said that items should still get consumed normally, what should happen to items that currently do get deposited?
  • Should regular welding ever take from protected inventory? Repeated welding and grinding could end up shifting all components from protected to unprotected inventory.
  • If so, from which inventory to deplete first?

  • What if there's demand from the build planner?
  • Should the build planner be able to add "ordered" components to restricted inventory?
  • If so, should it be able to move them from unrestricted, or should it only ever be able to move from ship cargo?
  • What should happen when a block is cleared from BP after retrieving some or all of its components? … and having shifted it into protected inventory?
  • Should BP be able to "release" components that were shifted to protected inventory before the block got cleared from its queue?
  • Successive adding to and clearing from BP could end up overstuffing the character's inventory, protected or not.

So, the original proposal's implementation, splitting the character's inventory space into to sections that are then treated differently, is by no means to be taken as the definitive request. I suppose I had to start somewhere. If more elegant methods and implementations are found, and I have no doubt that someone else could come up with better ideas, by all means. As long as it helps to keep the inventory lean, with only the items in there after dumping that I do want there to be. That'd be nice.

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