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A way to trigger block actions from Controller/WASD* input

andersenman shared this feedback 2 years ago
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Watching painfully reminded me of the hassle that SE requires people to go through to convert movement input into something else than actual movement.

So, to make automation and control of creations that are not immediately wheel-based or thrust-based vehicles, or creations that are in fact not vehicles at all, easier and more accessible, I propose a block that turns movement control into triggers for block functions WITHOUT requiring a PB, just like there are sensors and timers that can trigger block functions, but instead of reacting to an entity touching a sensor area or to the expiry of a time delay, react to keyboard button presses.

As an alternative to a separate block, make this mapping a function of a control block, so, any cockpit, flight seat, or remote control.

  • Every individual direction input, Forward, Backward, Strafe-left, Strafe-right, Roll-left, Roll-right, Strafe-up, Strafe-down, whatever the mapping, should be able to trigger at least one function each.
    The terminal interface for this block could have a section for each direction with a "Set up actions" button for each.
  • Mapping of a separate function, same or different, for each KEYDOWN and KEYUP would be great. (so, two buttons per section, "Set up keydown action", "Set up keyup action")
  • Mapping of the same function to multiple direction inputs at the same time should be supported.
  • The block should have an ON/OFF switch.
  • If at all possible, if not already a technical necessity, the block should react only to inputs given from within the same subgrid.
  • More than one block on the same subgrid should be permitted, with separate function assignments each. (Whether the player uses timers or multiple direction command blocks to multiply the amount of actions fired at the same time should be more or less equivalent, so might as well allow it.)
  • More than one block on an installation across different subgrids should be permitted, each with their individual and independent assignments.
  • Assignment of functions should be non-exclusive. For example, assigning something to W should not cause W to no longer be input for "Forward" anymore.
  • That said, a switch to make it exclusive would be great. An option that can be switched as a function itself, as a G-menu command, would be even greater, but this is getting complicated already, so perhaps let's not go overboard.

Such a way to expand the possibilities with movement control input would greatly benefit players on servers such as Keen's official ones that do not permit the PB as well as console that can't permit it, as of now.

For analog input devices, I would suggest an extended deadzone to prevent accidental activation. Not sure how much that should be. 25 %? 50? 75?

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