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Dementiurge shared this feedback 4 years ago
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For the most part, the playtest servers are greatly improved compared to official servers on earlier patches, comparable to high-end private servers.

However, sometimes the servers still perform somewhat "badly", related unusually to update lag.

"Update lag" (as seen in the Shift-F11 performance overlay), is normally in the +/- 0.03s range, but infrequently (average of 2 or 3 times an hour) this can jump to 1.0s or higher for no obvious cause for 5 to 15 seconds and without any change to "roundtrip", or server sim speed.

While one can't expect perfect performance, the way the client handles this unusual form of lag is fairly disruptive to gameplay and leads to odd behavior:

  • Dying from collisions while in a jetpack after accelerating over a distance too short to achieve lethal speeds.
  • Being unable to enter or leave a cockpit for several seconds.
  • Hand tools continuing to work after the key is released or toggled.
  • High latency for character movement and inconsistent velocity.
  • The reverting of motion, such as ships teleporting to where they were a couple seconds ago.

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Thanks for the feedback


yes pls sort out the lag it would make the game so much better

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