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Usernamenotshown shared this feedback 4 years ago
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Hello KEEN. I've played on the server for a few days, maybe four. In total over 40 hours.

1. NPC stations should serve as a place to park ships and stuff. Not everyone can afford to play 24 hours a day. One day I played 16, but it's not sustainable. I have a life too. If ships could be parked in npc stations and bases it would be possible to play more bit by bit, a normal number like half an hour a day or something.

2. Safe zone generation is way too expensive. There's not enough players in the server to have enough people to offset the prohibitive cost of safe zones in each point of interest, like planets etc. There would have to be tens of people in a single base to play normally, without obsessing with missions. Where can chips even be bought?.

3. There was some incredible lag today in the evening, 16-20 hours. Over 800 ping.

4. I had a hovercraft, and it sank into the ground the first time. I rebuilt it, worked fine, and today during the ping and lag thing it sank again. This made me stop playing.

The game is so much better than many years ago, it's getting closer to what was on the trailer, but I can't play it. Because it requires too much of my time. Can't commit to building cool stuff if I have to stay all day watching and building it. Thanks for reading.

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Looked on steam and it was actually 77 hours


LImited cut-and-paste would help save ships that sunk into the ground



Thanks for the feedback.

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