Test UK #2 H2 issue

David Warp shared this feedback 4 years ago
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during another play on test multiplayer I found some more issues.

After changing station to ship it seems that hydrogen tank indicators started glow blue. hydrogen was not going down even the ship was hovering on the moon. I tried to reload connection, kill character and power off and on grid. Power helped a little bit. while the power was down thrusters were still on (with big flames) and hovering the ship. acceleration and rotation wasnt working without power but thrusters stayed same. I tried them turn off and on but no change. After powering on, Tank indication started showing 2 green as normal. but still I clould fly without using any hydrogen.

The H2 generator even producing H2 and filling tank was not using any power and was not using any ICE. I attaching blueprint of the grid. the H2 generator issue partly persist even in singleplayer. it was not using any ice even filling the tank.

feel free to take a look at the Test server #2 UK . the ship is still there in the cave. I left it hovering with limited amount of ice. grid is called BUG ? - Unlimited H2 same as attached blueprint.

do anything necessary with it to find out the issue and fix.

if you are interested what was the grid before I change it from station to ship I started play around 21:00 (played until 23.30 ish). you might have access to backup saves on server for investigate further.

Keep up good work.

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I forgot one more minor issue I experienced few times while I was playing.

when I entered cockpit large or small character got stuck half way in(there was sound entering cockpit) . I could look around the ship like camera is sitting on the cockpit glass. I was able to access ship inventory but couldn't control the ship or exit . this always lasted for 10-20s and then played sound of exiting cockpit and character was free and fully working again. first I thought could be connectivity issue but it happened only on TEST #2 UK and TEST #3 EU and not before. I will try to record video if it will happen again.




same on regular



Thanks for the feedback.

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