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CTD after loading savegame

Need More Information Patrick T. Comments: 2 Reply 5 hours ago by Patrick T.
1 vote

Subgrid becomes a Static-grid after merging with the Parent Station

Need More Information Peares S. Comments: 7 Reply 6 days ago by Peares S.
1 vote

Simulation speed dropped suddenly

Need More Information Grzegorz O. Comments: 2 Reply 5 hours ago by Grzegorz O.
1 vote

LOD on exhausts blocks particles massive when viewed from 1k +

Reported – Awaiting fix BigOlBear Comments: 5 Reply 3 days ago by Laura K.
1 vote

My ship is bugged in the air after i built it

Solved RyoSaeba Comments: 3 Reply 2 days ago by RyoSaeba
1 vote

Blueprint issue

Duplicate Joshua N. Comments: 2 Reply 3 days ago by Joshua N.
1 vote

SE .NET out of date on Linux

Won't Fix John S. Comments: 2 Reply 2 days ago by John S.
2 votes

SE stalls at "unloading world"

Need More Information Gabriel H. Comments: 2 Reply 22 hours ago by Gabriel H.
1 vote

Sort Inventory containers by name not by build order

Outdated AbeAlpha Comments: 2 Reply 2 days ago by Frigidman
5 votes

not quting when you save and quit

Need More Information Joey R. Comments: 11 Reply 8 days ago by Ryan D.
2 votes

Base variant is unlocked after node in progression

Not a Bug Ryan R. Comments: 2 Reply 21 hours ago by Ryan R.
1 vote

[1.199] Subgrid dampening does not work if the subgrid has active thrusters

Reported – Awaiting fix Merii Comments: 1 Reply 7 hours ago by Ondrej B.
2 votes

STEAM VERSION EOSSDK-Shipping.dll error

Solved Motorsport71 Comments: 5 Reply 6 days ago by Peares S.
2 votes
5 votes

Original passageway texture

In Progress Cian H. Comments: 3 Reply 9 hours ago by Kateřina Č.
1 vote

Game Not Recognized Swapped Mouse Buttons in Windows

Reported – Awaiting fix Delizin Comments: 7 Reply 4 days ago by Daniele G.
8 votes

Components falling into the ground

Duplicate RDG D. Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by Kateřina Č.
3 votes
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