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multigrid support for projectors.

Under Consideration Hylke L. Comments: 52 Reply 4 days ago by Ryan M.
573 votes

Keen add missing corner blocks

Submitted Geronimo553 Comments: 19 Reply 1 hour ago by Molten C.
213 votes

API additions needed for Shield Mods.

Under Consideration Shane S. Comments: 50 Reply 1 hour ago by Toshiwo A.
1246 votes

Add Free 3 Axis lockable Ball joints

Under Consideration GrindyGears Comments: 49 Reply 5 days ago by Beesoldier
386 votes

[BLOCK SUGGESTION] Conveyor Tethers

Submitted Todd M. Comments: 30 Reply 7 days ago by andersenman
239 votes

Please add a "Remove Lightning Damage" Option

Submitted Serdar A. Comments: 8 Reply 38 hours ago by xakthos
60 votes

GPS location management

Under Consideration John D. Comments: 33 Reply 23 days ago by Shawn P.
301 votes

multigrid support projectors

Submitted Hylke L. Comments: 20 Reply 6 months ago by Viktor F.
255 votes
350 votes

Save The Pressurization Feature

Completed Malware Comments: 141 Reply 33 days ago by shiftyshadow
846 votes

Variable max travel speed

Under Consideration Mads O. Comments: 8 Reply 3 months ago by Konstantin
122 votes


Submitted PhantomFury Comments: 23 Reply 17 days ago by dalkgamler
203 votes

Pirate bases

In Progress Vojta M. Comments: 26 Reply 25 days ago by Jim A.
313 votes

Automatic turning on after getting off a ladder

Submitted Venca K. Comments: 7 Reply 5 hours ago by Dead B.
35 votes

A way to find other players or grids in the vastness of Space

Considered (Not Planned) Radeth T. Comments: 36 Reply 2 hours ago by xPhoenixXx
102 votes

Save the Programmable Block ;)

Under Consideration the N. Comments: 28 Reply 18 hours ago by ChrisHiss
177 votes

Smaller merge blocks for small grid

Submitted posthy Comments: 7 Reply 12 hours ago by Warlord
112 votes
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