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Add missing glass pieces

Submitted Ian H. 40 hours ago No Comments
2 votes

[Block Suggestions] Booster Drive

Submitted Mikkisins 4 days ago No Comments
3 votes

Higher pressurization tolerance

Submitted Usernamenotshown 2 days ago No Comments
2 votes
4 votes

Hide Slave Assemblers from Production Page

Submitted Acynder I. Comments: 1 Reply 8 months ago by Jakub M.
11 votes

Add Vector Thrust 2 to the game please

Submitted the N. 2 years ago No Comments
3 votes

'Dirty' Camera lens makes using camera very difficult

Submitted Suicide N. Comments: 17 Reply 6 months ago by Menos W.
214 votes

Can't paint faction shared blocks

Submitted Psojed Comments: 5 Reply 23 months ago by MobiuS
30 votes

Please add a "Remove Lightning Damage" Option

Submitted Serdar A. Comments: 22 Reply 5 months ago by Suicide N.
122 votes

Pirate bases

In Progress Vojta M. Comments: 27 Reply 2 months ago by Boldtaar
410 votes

Working Live Cameras on LCD Screen

Submitted Michael R. Comments: 6 Reply 11 months ago by ComZiz O.
207 votes

Folders for Blueprints

Submitted Galactic S. Comments: 7 Reply 14 months ago by Gabe P.
210 votes

Make Merge Blocks store grid names

Submitted Jackattack Comments: 7 Reply 6 days ago by Woogoo W.
47 votes

aerospike thruster idea

Submitted Napalm P. Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by Napalm P.
1 vote

Variable max travel speed

Under Consideration Mads O. Comments: 9 Reply 9 months ago by Michele F.
178 votes

Hydrogen Engine

Under Consideration Hay D. Comments: 25 Reply 19 months ago by Acynder I.
158 votes

Faction mates need to be able to paint the same grid

Submitted Slye_Fox Comments: 11 Reply 2 months ago by Anthony G.
166 votes
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