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Please delete this post

Not Enough Votes Usernamenotshown 5 days ago No Comments

More player slots in the offical servers please

Not Enough Votes Usernamenotshown Comments: 3 Reply 16 days ago by Usernamenotshown

Game "exploiting" item policy needs some nuance

Not Enough Votes Usernamenotshown 21 days ago No Comments

3x3 armor plates please

Archived Usernamenotshown 6 months ago No Comments

[Meta] Feedback grouping

Archived Usernamenotshown Comments: 1 Reply 6 months ago by andersenman

[Meta] Feedback tags

Archived Usernamenotshown 7 months ago No Comments

Higher pressurization tolerance

Submitted Usernamenotshown 12 months ago No Comments

Please let us jump with buttons and timers

Submitted Usernamenotshown 16 months ago No Comments

Safe zone offset please

Submitted Usernamenotshown 16 months ago No Comments

[Safe zone] More shapes please

Submitted Usernamenotshown 17 months ago No Comments