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[Safe zone] "Trigger safe zone state check refresh" action for timer blocks

Usernamenotshown shared this feedback 12 months ago
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Hello, it would be very useful for redundant failsafe safezone systems to have this option. For example, picture two overlapping generators. One is enabled, the other is in standby (on and enabled, but unable to activate because of the other one being active and locking the area). Through a timer system, the proposed state recheck is triggered, and it tries to start the warm-up sequence for the second safe zone generator. If the main safe zone generator is working, it does nothing, as its zone blocks it. However, if the main generator is down, the timer triggers a state recheck, and so the secondary generator's warmup starts. After two minutes, the emergency safe zone is up.

(If the original safe zone is still enabled due to not enough power, but still enough to keep the block itself on, the timer system would turn it off somehow, thus preventing interference.)

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