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[Meta] Feedback grouping

Usernamenotshown shared this feedback 2 years ago
Not Enough Votes

Many people write small ideas that can be considered part of the same general topic, but, because they are separate, individually they get few votes and might be discarded. What if these ideas were grouped somehow and their votes compounded in some way to reflect a general interest of the playerbase in a certain area? Thank you.

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Cynical people might even ponder whether, given the average traffic of this forum, the reason for the votes count was specifically set to 50 to make it practically impossible to have ANY suggestion reach the threshold of needing to be considered and as such to effectively demote the Feedback forum to a farce of itself. (I mean, just look at the five most recent pages of new feedback threads since their announcement, and at those before it, even. Rarely does a thread reach votes in the double digits, and Keen wants five times that milestone before even considering to feel generous enough to grace us with a sliver of attention? I get it, some form of metrics is needed, but there's disdain and there's this.)

Only very, very, very unrealistically and disproportionally cynical people, though.

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