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Long range scanner / Early warning system

Usernamenotshown shared this feedback 18 months ago
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It's currently impossible to find pirates in space without serious spawn pod spamming. I propose a long range scanner (limited to stations) that would take a long time to activate (to ensure a defensive or commited use), such as one week, and it would find all grids in the area, starting from the closest or biggest one, and then finding maybe one every hour or so. Or maybe every day. This device would have an easier time finding ships than stations, leaving the work of finding those to strong unknown signal triangulation, maybe. There could also be a sort of cloaking device or signal jammer that would work the same but opposite. It would only be available for stations and it would take also a long time to set up, to prevent abuse by just "stationing" a ship. This way stations would be able to monitor the ships of an area and stations could remain hidden to some extent. Maybe it could be a radar or a heatseeker of some sort. Like a radiotelescope maybe. Speaking of which, telescopes or long range sights would be also very cool.

Thank you for reading.

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