Add toggle switch for drills' right-click ability in control panel

Tony F shared this feedback 3 years ago

Add a toggle button in the control panel of drill blocks that changes the mode of the drill from the default left-click mode to the right-click mode. (bigger drilling radius with no resource collection) The intention is to allow the drill to be left drilling in right-click mode so it can be autonomous.

I've been building horizontal tunnel-boring machines for drilling into mountains to build bases in on a survival world. It's currently a real pain because I have to sit in the cockpit if I want it to do anything. I tried using the default mode of the drills, but it generates too much stone and makes much smaller holes.

I think this feature should be really easy to implement, and I would greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime, is there a mod that adds just this feature? I don't want a complete overhaul of drills, but that seems to be the only option for mods currently.

Thanks for your attention.