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Announcement: Update 1.199 - Heavy Industry (XBOX) 28 Jul 2021


Custom mouse cursor for mouse and keyboard inside space engineers for xbox

Under Consideration Tyler Comments: 3 Reply 45 hours ago by Nick
8 votes

Force Field for ships and stations

Submitted CrazyMiner848 Comments: 1 Reply 7 days ago by Michael H.
4 votes

Add a lightning rod.

Completed Darren H. Comments: 24 Reply 20 days ago by Charles E.
92 votes

Unlimited hangar door size on xbox

Under Consideration Robby K. Comments: 7 Reply 23 days ago by Spaceman S.
31 votes

Will that Game Come out for Xbox Series X too?

Completed SiHO c. Comments: 5 Reply 25 days ago by Jacob H.
21 votes


Server host has left the game

Need More Information 86volumeswitch Comments: 4 Reply 38 hours ago by Snoway
3 votes

Unable to join friends world on Xbox One

Reported – Awaiting fix Patrick B. Comments: 8 Reply 4 days ago by Keen S.
1 vote

Savegame loading without Gamepass

Won't Fix Andreas S. Comments: 2 Reply 13 days ago by Keen S.
1 vote