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System to avoid offline raid

Submitted Danielus04 Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by Aronax
1 vote

Delete Key doesn't visually update text

Submitted Mia R. Comments: 2 Reply 12 days ago by Mia R.
3 votes

GPS Usability and Naming and Sorting

Under Consideration Ruth K. Comments: 2 Reply 14 days ago by Mia R.
5 votes

The (Uranium) Spice must flow...

Submitted Aaron S. Comments: 1 Reply 17 days ago by Johan
1 vote

Escort ships get instantly removed

Solved Tmoire Comments: 3 Reply 17 days ago by Ondřej N.
5 votes

Safe Zone not pulling zone chips

Investigating cousin d. Comments: 5 Reply 24 days ago by Juksefantomet
4 votes

Sell your old ships at the store.

Under Consideration Joe S. Comments: 3 Reply 33 days ago by Igneus T.
28 votes

Bounty Hunting

Under Consideration Matthew W. Comments: 5 Reply 35 days ago by Filip D.
5 votes

PCU Trades Not working correctly

Submitted Serogate Comments: 1 Reply 42 days ago by Cameron S.
2 votes

[1.191.108 SP/MP] Faction of visited Tradestation is still undiscovered

Need More Information Takeshi Comments: 5 Reply 43 days ago by urthsong
4 votes


Under Consideration Nick Z. Comments: 2 Reply 45 days ago by Rob B.
4 votes

Hydrogen Thrusters consuming hydrogen when off

In Progress Kochean Comments: 3 Reply 49 days ago by Johnathon D.
8 votes

More Mission types or enabling all for space and planets

Under Consideration Ryukki Comments: 2 Reply 52 days ago by Spets
13 votes

Ship sale prices can exceed size of text boxes.

In Progress fabricator77 Comments: 2 Reply 53 days ago by fabricator77
3 votes

Keen lied about DLC only being for cosmetic.

Submitted Frogboy1320 Comments: 6 Reply 54 days ago by jeffluke11 0.
4 votes

Remote shopping

Under Consideration Tmoire Comments: 2 Reply 55 days ago by Patrick B.
7 votes
3 votes

SPRT and SPID icons are blank

Solved Tmoire Comments: 2 Reply 55 days ago by Ondřej N.
2 votes

safezone model minor bugs (z-fighting etc)

Solved Copycat80 Comments: 2 Reply 55 days ago by Ondřej N.
1 vote

Combat usage of safe zones and how to fix it.

Under Consideration Polish M. Comments: 4 Reply 57 days ago by mansuy a.
4 votes
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