Industrial Dudes shared this bug 3 years ago

So recently I've started playing space engineers again with my friend and it's been quite a triggering experience since there's huge lag, a lot of stuttering and just occasional freezing

Stutter : The stuttering "freezes" the game but thrusters still have their effect and everything still has its animation running, except all physics stop for around a second before continuing.

Freezing : The game freezes completly while opening a container for a brief couple of seconds.

Other : Wheel physics are completely ruined and occasionally decide to send us to orbit or just blow up

Note : The lag is alot less for the host but VERY bad for the nonhost, we both hosted and got the same result

Physics : The physics are playing up alot, we sometimes just get randomly flung, the stutters sometimes decide to make us fly foward and tab us back in. It just throws us about while running or flying.

If you have any solutions or tips to how to fix this please tell me as these bugs make the game near unplayable in survival

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It even dose it in the severs

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