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Ruggero Barone shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello, I'm having this problem:

More grids to save as Blue Print that have already a copy saved.

Commonly it automatically save adding at the end of the name "_x" creating a new copy and if I want to overwrite the original I use rename and I remove the "_x". At this point it asks if I'm sure to overwrite an existing copy.

The first grid I apply this it works and I can overwrite the original but if after that I save another grid and I just rename it it will ask me if I want to overwrite the previous grid. Same result if I try with another one it will always ask if I want to overwrite the first grid I renamed instead of the correct one.

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I have seen this happen as well, the blueprint you rename will correctly overwrite the one with the duplicate name, but the message box text doesn't fully reset each time you rename a blueprint. Pressing escape to open the options screen seems to fully reset the text. Here is a picture of it:abe549a0663cd7190bea162797ed5dd6

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