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Josh shared this bug 3 years ago
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Hi, I have searched for over an hour but have found nothing similar to this so decided to create an account to report it.

First, System Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X CPU


GPU: Dual SLI GeForce GTX 1080

Install Drive: M.2 NVMe drive

Graphics settings on High

This system has run Space Engineers before with no issues.

I decided to re-install the game after having not played it for a while, to check out all the new features. I have 448 hours on file so far, so I'm not new. So, I did a fresh install, and logged in to my last game. That's when I noticed the issue.

So, I started a brand new game, no mods, Not Experimental. Custom world, default settings, Moon base. No other software running except Task Manager so I can watch my hardware.

About every 3/4 of a second, time seems to slow to a stop then back to normal again. This is consistent and predictable. Animations in scenarios pulse. Movement pulses. Mouse movement pulses. Flight speed pulses. It is like the Sim speed drops to 0 every 3/4 of a second. It is not like a lag spike though, it is smoothly slowing down, then accelerating back to normal. It happens everywhere, every scenario, every custom game, every save game, no different. Constant, consistent, and persistent.

My CPU usage is rock steady at about 25%, my RAM is rock steady at about 40%. SLI is working and GPUs are both rock steady at around 80-100%. FPS is rock steady at 40-45 FPS.

On the Shift+F11 readouts, pages 3 and 4, there is an item in a couple places called "EnvProbe" that jumps around in time to the stutters. about every 3/4 of a second, it goes from 0 to various values (different for each item) sometimes I have seen over 1100, then back to 0 again in the same pattern. Everywhere that variable is listed I see the same pulsing values. That is the only item that pulses like that. You can see it in the "Frame Time" value too, it jumps around in time, but it is not as obvious what the values are.

This is unplayable as it is, I can't even walk through a door reliably.

Please tell me this is an easy fix... *fingers crossed*

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I don't have the ability to record a video so I hope these screenshots will help. I took all 3 of them rapid firing the screenshot button, so these three show different values for the above mentioned variables, and all are taken within the same second.



What version do you play? 1.195.XXX (you can see it main menu, bottom right corner)?

Thanks for the report


1.195.024 default

I assume since I just downloaded it, that is the most recent one


Uninstalled game, then went through my whole storage system looking for any folders named Space Engineers and deleted them.

Did a fresh clean install.

No change.

Explored around a little more, and discovered that the SLI may be the issue.

Went into NVIDIA control panel, and forced Single GPU.

Problem solved.


I'm just curious -- what motherboard you running that SLI on?

And after you remove the SLI, are you still getting the same FPS?


FPS is in the 80-ish range without SLI, didn't check before.

Motherboard is : ASRock X299 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty LGA 2066 Intel X299

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