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Sound Glitch When Loading Game

Submitted Orreven Comments: 1 Reply 25 hours ago by Mark E.
2 votes

Medieval Engineers Abandoned?

Submitted Shaun L. Comments: 14 Reply 2 days ago by Volker T.
19 votes

Rope Drum is now broken

Submitted Adam J. Comments: 1 Reply 17 days ago by cola98765
3 votes

Multiplayer treasure map pieces

Submitted Troy S. Comments: 5 Reply 22 days ago by József S.
8 votes


Submitted Xelriel X. Comments: 1 Reply 26 days ago by Xelriel X.
4 votes

[ME 0.7.x] Rope Drum not able to be picked up anymore

Need More Information Todd (. Comments: 13 Reply 35 days ago by Michael W.
28 votes

[0.7.1] [SP] Graphics broken

Submitted Boromir Comments: 1 Reply 40 days ago by FuriousFluff
2 votes

Can't load offline world while offline.

Investigating Mauricio Comments: 5 Reply 41 days ago by odizzido
10 votes

Increase game dev speed by using volunteers

Submitted Jim V. Comments: 1 Reply 55 days ago by Nybbl e.
11 votes

Torch Stand in wrong state

Submitted Casey B. Comments: 1 Reply 56 days ago by Jarosław M.
3 votes
2 votes

Gravel paths

Submitted Kaden G. Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by Joseph T.
28 votes

Cannot craft wall torches, torch stands, signs.

Submitted Denry A. Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Denry A.
1 vote

[0.6 and 0.7 test] Roof battlement

Submitted JP R. Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by Roborooskie
4 votes

Can't place a block for no reason

Submitted JP R. Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by Eduard C.
4 votes

Game crashes when loading world

Submitted Caleb B. Comments: 3 Reply 3 months ago by -DX-Paladin
6 votes

Bug With Inner Corner Roof?

In Progress Erin S. Comments: 4 Reply 3 months ago by Mike
7 votes
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