Medieval Engineers price slashed - Early Access Customers RIPPED OFF!!!

Michael Boughton shared this feedback 3 years ago

Keen slashed the price of ME by more than half when it released it from early access as 'finished'.

This shows Keen did not value the product and that they deliberately lied to early access customers about it's plans for the game.

Keen has used early access on Steam to crowd fund other projects like Good AI. Keen had no intention of finishing ME. They just lied throughout the whole development. Their one and only goal was to gather more unsuspecting customers to pay for their other projects.

Keen have refused to answer the question: What did early access customers get for double the price that current customers now pay?

The answer given so far is laughable. "We gave you the music and a banner DLC for nothing".

That is exactly the same thing that current customers get, for half price, free DLC included. So that answer is a joke and it's insulting to all intelligent people.

Instead of dealing with the anger caused by the decision to cut ME off from any further development, Keen has resorted to banning anyone that continues to bring to the public's attention it's unconscionable conduct.

But their conduct is nothing new. Miner Wars and the pre-sales of the non-existing Miner Wars MMO saw far more ruthless conduct of Keen's decision makers.

And the only reason that Keen even had a response to the sales of the then new Space Engineers was all to do with the community giving them a second chance, based on heavy discussion that took place between Keen and the Steam community. Keen promised it would change it's ways.

But they lied again.

ME came out as a parallel development with SE. Many of those who were burnt by Keen's past misconduct with MW and MW-MMO held back from purchasing as they saw that Keen would not be able to maintain the development despite it's claims of hiring more dev and team members. They did not trust it's promises so soon after the MW debacle. New suckers who were not aware of Keen's past conduct came in and purchased ME in early development.

So, 3 out of 4 games, abandoned by Keen. Medieval Engineer customers were duped into thinking that this game was going to be developed as promised. Instead, Keen moved the goal posts in order to declare it 'finished'. And then dumped it like a bloodied premature birth and left it on the side of the road.

Early access customers were ripped off as part of Keen's crowd funding campaign for other projects.

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So no comment from Keen shows the level of deception undertaken by management, mostly Rosa, to cheat people out of their money to pay for the so called Good AI project.

Keen management are nothing more than scammers ripping people off. They do not provide the product promised in advertising.

Rosa is a cheat and a scammer.


What the hell did we get as early access customers?

The answer is NOTHING! Keen deliberately ripped customers off and siphoned off money into Good AI and a mansion of a building for so called 'offices'.

Rosa is a shameless scam artist who deliberately set up ME as nothing more than a cash cow for other projects. That's what the answer is to this question. And he doesn't have the guts to admit to it. So add a custard guts coward into the description of what he is..

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