John Bacsenko shared this feedback 4 years ago

Ok. I understand Medieval Engineers is declared finished and Keen wants to move on the S.E. but is Keen going to do any patches at all for M.E.? I'm not asking for any more development but there are still issues that leaves M.E. not to be recommended for purchase. Torches. Still torches lose their light after so many are placed and need to be chased about to be re-lit after every fast travel. Version .7 left leveling stakes unusable. The game still crashes in our game while being played multiplayer under the same roof. Please tell me there will at least be forthcoming patches to the game so I can go back to enjoying it and even recommending others to buy it.

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Castles and houses of enemies. more types of weapons, more agriculture, water drinking regime, etc ...


Hi Mr. Bacsenko,

No, the game is abandoned completely. Thrown into gutter like rubbish by Keen.

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