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Kyle Hunter shared this bug 5 years ago

Lately, I have been Playing Space engineers. I want to play Medieval Engineers but I have a hard time doing that without the partial controller working because of physical disability with my hand. so it is very hard for me to play a game without it. on steam, you advertise as partial controller support. The whole reason I bought the game was because of that. 2 months ago someone posted this same problem of controllers not saving & I am having the same issue. I go into options/controls and scroll down to the Xbox 360 controller or my steam controller neither of them will save to the game and it frustrates me. please I beg you to fix this issue.

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There is a problem with the SharpDX library, keen uses.

It appends zerobytes to the controller name, making it invalid to be saved or used (exception can be read within %appdata%\MedievalEngineers\MedievalEnineers.log).

There is an bugfix from peaceman (steamname), he published 10 DLLs fixing several bugs on PlanetsNoLag discord server, #how-to-fix-your-me-client. You need 2of them in this case.

Get the newest on the server. For now, these are the newest: ZIP file from discord (i' not gonna update this link).

However then the actual problems begin. I'm currenty trying getting a xbox controller running myself. See my story: The thing with controllers.

I do not yet give up.

Btw, you should try the KEEN discord #help-medieval channel. The community there is more helpful than this page.

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