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Spartan132 shared this bug 5 years ago

Before you call me an idiot for using a controller on a PC game, hear me out. My left hand is screwed up. I can't do the WSAD thing very well. I need to use a controller for movement in games.

I know this game has controller support.... But I can't enable it in the options. In fact, I can't really change any of my settings. Any settings I try and change, it doesn't save. I click OK and it just reverts back to its default setting. Every time I boot the game up, I have to turn down the music and crank my FOV up. It's slightly annoying. When I try to enable my controller, It doesn't work. I pick my 360 controller and click OK. It immediately resets. I've looked everywhere. I cannot find a fix anywhere. I would really like to play this game.But at the moment, I'm just stuck with a problem with no visible solution.

I'm on Win10. My drivers are up to date. My controller works fine on Space Engineers... Which is on the same engine.......

SOS. Please help.

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The developers obviously do not care about this situation. I have the exact same problem. So frustrating. I am ready to uninstall this pile of crap. Cannot believe I paid for this shit!


There is a problem with the SharpDX library, keen uses.

It appends zerobytes to the controller name, making it invalid to be saved or used (exception can be read within %appdata%\MedievalEngineers\MedievalEnineers.log).

There is an bugfix from peaceman (steamname), he published 10 DLLs fixing several bugs on PlanetsNoLag discord server, #how-to-fix-your-me-client. You need 2of them in this case.

Get the newest on the server. For now, these are the newest: ZIP file from discord (i' not gonna update this link).

However then the actual problems begin. I'm currenty trying getting a xbox controller running myself. See my story: The thing with controllers.

I do not yet give up.

Btw, you should try the KEEN discord #help-medieval channel. The community there is more helpful than this page.

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