Dedicated Server doesn't download mods

Boromir shared this bug 3 years ago

Around the time of late Fall 2020, Steam updated the API provided for Dedicated Servers to acquire mods from the workshop. Without corresponding changes in the DS to support the API changes, the server produces 'Timed out' errors and 'no result' when trying to acquire the mods. Because this issue originated with a Steam API change, the same problem plagued Space Engineers and was fixed. Please see this issue:

Steps to reproduce:

1. Establish a clean install of the ME Dedicated Server.

2. Create a new world for the instance

3. Add 1..n mods using the ME Server Config Utility

4. Start the instance

5. Monitor server dedicated-server.log during startup, note timeout errors while attempting to acquire mods.

This bug prevents the instance from starting properly and doesn't allow any players to join. Once the server has fully started (despite mod loading failures), a player can attempt to join the instance (it will be listed in the Join Servers list), but the loading screen will freeze at 99%.

Requested Fix:

Please apply the same fix from Space Engineers Dedicated Server to Medieval Engineers Dedicated Server.

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For all of you asking why - before you leave a comment - if we don't ask, it has nearly 0.000001% chance of getting fixed. It should be simple since they already fixed it in SE. Vote it up, people!! Let's make it hit the top.


absolutely not chance Boromir, Marek Rosa is a rip off merchant that has no interest in fixing a bug ridden game. He'd rather rip off more customers for the almighty dollar than fix this game. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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