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Announcement: Update 1.203.5 - 10 Year Anniversary 25 Oct 2023


LCD screens with live camera feeds.

Under Consideration Darren H. Comments: 20 Reply 22 days ago by Noah J.
231 votes

Weapon variety

Under Consideration Vision Comments: 39 Reply 2 months ago by Vision
153 votes

Suggestion: Modular Encounter Spawner

Under Consideration Darren W. Comments: 23 Reply 2 months ago by Aaron D.
131 votes

Ability to have more than three planet types in a game

Under Consideration Brennan W. Comments: 18 Reply 18 months ago by Brad L.
118 votes

More survival options: Food

Under Consideration Darren H. Comments: 13 Reply 4 months ago by sarah g.
116 votes


Blurry textures on series x

Reported PostMortalForm Comments: 22 Reply 43 days ago by Josh A.
30 votes

Console turning off..

Reported Charles E. Comments: 40 Reply 11 months ago by Edward U.
23 votes
14 votes

Storm fog showing up in airtight spaces

Reported FredlePiano Comments: 5 Reply 8 days ago by TyraRitchie
10 votes

Piston and hinge landing gear fall through voxels

Reported NOT M. Comments: 9 Reply 8 months ago by Jerome K.
8 votes