More ship and station technology

Mr 343 shared this feedback 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Could you guys integrate these technologies into the game engine (no mod)

- teleportation hubs - can teleport players from one hub to the other, Allow Users to select which hub to teleport to.

-lasers cannons/banks That player can choose different colors

-Plasma torpedoes

-Plasma cannons

-energy shields

-cloaking technology

-mater to antimatter reactors

-fusion reactors

-reactor cooling systems


-gravity lifts

-elevators with vertical and horizontal modes

-rail guns

-rail gun torrents

-mass divers

-nuclear missiles

-cluster missiles

-intuition alert/ security system

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


Also new armor blocks Booth exponentially stronger then heavy armor

-Tritanium good hull construction

- Ablative good outer armor


I love these ideas


Oh and also -air locks


Cloaking can be really messed up though and perhaps if it's even considered; to make it limited to a really small grid, like 50 to 100 blocks; for a very small scout ship. The worst thing is people sending in large small grid ships or large grid ships with bunch of warheads and walk right in past the guns, drop them off or detonate the ship and boom, whole based wiped without a shot fired. Spawn kits gone, resources, guns, everything.

Or maybe on grids that can cloak that are incompatible with explosive equipment on it and gives error when either is attempted to be combined on same grid.


I like the idea of cloaking being small grid only, but a small grid ship will do immense damage without being checked. perhaps once a cloaked grid fires, the cloaking device stops working. this would go along with my radar idea as you could have passive radar ships that go right next to enemy fleets and relay the radar data back to the fleet it came from. this would negate any possible use as an overpowered offensive weapon and keep a degree of balance. fleets would then have to have layered point defense as ships could pop into being literally anywhere in the fleet and start attacking. cloaking devices would be a late game thing as that technology is up there with safe zones and jump drives.


I think the teleportation hubs should require lots of power (equivalent to that of a jump drive carrying the person/persons to that point), and only be on fixed stations and not ships. This would make landing pads and engineering docking rings still needed but it would allow very fast solo travel to different bases. I think reactors need separate cooling systems as well (with animations like that of the hydrogen engine to spice up reactor rooms) just for realism's sake. a buff to reactors would come from this if you had cooling systems because they could operate at a higher temperature or something. an in game script to control gravity drives would be cool, along with a higher cost for mass blocks as they would nullify the need for thrusters at all.


I think there are some really neat ideas above.

I’d really like to see tiered ship tools added to the game.

Upgradable ore detector that has a steady increased range or even a deep scan that shows up on the HUD for a limited amount of time.

A new tool for leveling terrain would be awesome for survival. Some form of drill or a blade that would allow for construction of flat pads and roads.

Uni-wheel block to create motorcycles.

I’d like to see the rotary airlock mod and helicopter/plane propeller mod added to the base game.

More ships added to the manufacturer NPC factions’ store for more variety.

I think it would be cool for survival mode if the space suit and jet packs needed to be crafted to be equipped. As well as having different tiers to make them more suitable for different environments.


One more suggestion here as you have a bunch of torpedoes and missiles listed. Radar to guide these munitions in to targets

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