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survival block placement distance too small for windfarms

Submitted Copycat80 Comments: 5 Reply 2 weeks ago by Kezat
21 votes

Uncontrolled forces when getting out of cockpit

Submitted IamusTheFox Comments: 7 Reply 19 hours ago by Mia R.
14 votes

SE still running in steam after exit.

Submitted Beacon o. Comments: 3 Reply 2 days ago by Tim v.
14 votes

Production Sounds - Survival Kit

Solved BarryTGash 1 month ago No Comments
11 votes

No ice in space

Submitted Mike Comments: 11 Reply 2 weeks ago by Vorg
11 votes

[Public Test] Hydrogen engine don't fill until reload

Submitted Tony Comments: 6 Reply 12 hours ago by Veit M.
11 votes

Broken batteries (unlimited energy)

In Progress TheWarMaster97 Comments: 1 Reply 1 month ago by Victor Z.
9 votes

Sound bugs in the new public test.

Submitted Kollerup Comments: 5 Reply 1 week ago by JumpinJack
9 votes

Assembler Sound Bug

Solved Sean Comments: 3 Reply 4 weeks ago by Petr M.
8 votes

Hydrogen engine wrong remaing time

Investigating TheWarMaster97 2 weeks ago No Comments
7 votes

Wind Turbines are not producing electricity

Investigating Marcihun12 Comments: 16 Reply 4 weeks ago by Trevor G.
6 votes

Inventory Size/Mass calculcation is off

Submitted Darkheyr Comments: 5 Reply 1 week ago by Darkheyr
6 votes

cleanup too quick

Submitted DrakeMithras Comments: 3 Reply 21 hours ago by Mark M.
6 votes

basic and normal refineries having <0.01 stone

Submitted Stephen B. 1 week ago No Comments
6 votes

Hydrogen Engine bugs

Need More Information Victor Z. Comments: 6 Reply 1 month ago by TheWarMaster97
5 votes

Multiplayer-clientside Modded-Turret Audio-Bug -- Kreeg

Solved Kreeg Comments: 2 Reply 4 weeks ago by Petr M.
5 votes
5 votes
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