Oxygen leaks between full pressurized rooms

Viruality shared this bug 2 years ago

When creating the smallest possible Airlocks [Sliding Door][Offset Door] from time to time the Ship/Station get's bugged. When Opening any of both doors, the whole room is depressurized, even if both sides of the Airlock are high on Oxygen.

- The Rooms leak oxygen even if the doors are closed and surrounded by pressurized areas

- I encountered the Bug on two different Servers without any Mods

- It happens randomly and not on all doors together, but if one door causes the Bug, others will follow shortly

- Cut & Paste of the Ship fixes the Bug temporarily

- replacing the door "may" fix it temporarily

- if the Error occurs, the Vents are working as usual - they still try to pressurize the closed room, wasting all stored oxygen unless you shut them off

This happens at least to the "Sliding Door" and "Offset Door", another Player on the same Server reported Hangar Doors to also leak oxygen that way.

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