Wheels stuck as if in park mode on random

Scorp0102 shared this bug 4 months ago

On my server we encountered few bugs. With our small grid vehicles where vehicles wheels that were working properly sudenly became locked like with handbrake but not all of them they cant be unlocked otherwise that respwaning whole vehicle it is hapenning on 3 of our vehicles all of them have more than 6 wheels bug appears as locked some wheels/ locked all wheels/ while steering wheels that steer lock while steering, it hapens after while when using magnetic plate or connector its 70% chance after server restarts and its not design flaw because they worked and they work after i use admin tools to respawn them, now after a lot of searching all forums i found one solution that worked and its cause of this bug when blocks surrounding wheel suspension gets damaged even littlebit it has chance to triger this bug it had triggered even when container cap sitting 1 block appart top of wheel got damaged wheels were locked on one side of vehicle after welding it to 100% vehicles behaves as supposed to i found many bug reports like this here not solved and i couldnt reply onto them. This is 100% case of this bug please fix this in next update to keep cars working thanks keep doing amazing job.

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