[1.196.016] Safezone Filter Settings kept from Blueprint (denying access to own base)

LordTylus shared this bug 2 years ago

Hello there,

we noticed for quite a while that when you build a safezone block from a blueprint it keeps the filter settings which were set up in the blueprint.

This by itself sounds useful. However if you have taken the blueprint on a different world, The IdentityIDs are different.

Therefore after building and enabling the safezone you and your ships are likely pulled out which could lead to their total destruction and denies you access to your own base because the IdentityID of the whitelisted player belongs to someone else or nobody at all.

Originally I thought there already was a report for it, but sadly I couldnt find one. So heres a new one.

You can easily reproduce this with the attached Blueprint or really any other blueprint containing a safezone.

After Building it on a Server or SP you get the following filter settings:


And well its nice that Player 144115188075855895 has access to the safezone according to these settings but I just built the safezone and I would really love to keep access to my base.

Please Fix

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