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multigrid support projectors

Declined Hylke L. Comments: 228 Reply 3 years ago by Guest
1505 votes

[BLOCK SUGGESTION] Conveyor Tethers

Considered (Not Planned) Todd M. Comments: 140 Reply 21 months ago by DIO_SVK
1080 votes

Save The Pressurization Feature

Completed Malware Comments: 147 Reply 2 years ago by David H.
964 votes

Add Free 3 Axis lockable Ball joints

Under Consideration GrindyGears Comments: 59 Reply 12 months ago by Fanny M.
847 votes

GPS location management

Under Consideration John D. Comments: 97 Reply 11 days ago by Andrey K.
771 votes


Ghost issue : Falling through planets/blocks

Need More Information Upside D. Comments: 228 Reply 58 days ago by DIO_SVK
679 votes

Server not responding - Many unable to join Servers

Need More Information Kuroshi Comments: 96 Reply 5 months ago by Jim B.
300 votes

Voxels Respawning During mining

Solved Sven R. Comments: 36 Reply 21 months ago by DIO_SVK
286 votes