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Inertial Dampeners and Auto Orientation

Submitted GN33101 Comments: 2 Reply 49 days ago by andersenman
1 vote

Magnetic plates Should have a half block size

Submitted Jason h. 5 months ago No Comments
1 vote

Safe zones require way too much power

Submitted Michael 8 months ago No Comments
1 vote

delivering package to a unpowered base

Submitted Jesse Comments: 5 Reply 9 months ago by Usernamenotshown
1 vote

More Realistic Hydrogen Takeoff sounds

Submitted StewyPlaysGames 11 months ago No Comments
2 votes


Shift+F11 Game Crash after using player trade feature

Submitted Engi Comments: 1 Reply 43 days ago by Engi
1 vote

I get "Object Detected!" (wrongly) when trying to jump

Submitted Sebastien D. 4 months ago No Comments
1 vote
4 votes

hydrogen generator bug

Submitted daniel Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by lordfirefox
1 vote

O2/H2 Generator using lot of power even when shouldn't

Outdated Ruggero B. Comments: 2 Reply 8 months ago by Alex L.
2 votes