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Game/Character freezing. Enviroment, Music/Sounds and effects still play.

Jacob Griffith shared this bug 8 months ago
Won't Fix

I have recently started playing the game again, but i am having issues playing due to the character freezing and i loose all control, including access of any menu.

The character will randomly freeze for anywhere from 30 seconds to nearly 2-3 minutes at a time if not more. Grass, weather and other effects including sparks from the grinder will continue to play as if normal along with music and other sounds. Other players will stop moving around, and all vehicle movement is stopped.

While playing multiplayer with someone else hosting the game, only my system will freeze and they will be able to continue without issue aside from the area my character takes up in the game, though they can move my character out of the way.

While in multiplayer and my system is the host, the whole game will freeze, and all others in the game will see the same freezing issues I have.

I have read through several posts about similar issues, mostly talking about issues with compatibility between the game and NVIDIA graphics drivers. These posts on the Steam forum pages suggested rolling back the graphics drivers to an earlier version. I have rolled my drivers back to June 2021 and Jan 7th, 2021 and im still having the issue. I will include a listing of what Graphics card i have.

At first i would have to use the "End Task" through task manager to close the game, but later on I would let it run and see how long it would remain frozen. There are times it will only be about 1.2-2 minutes all the way up to about 5 minutes it would remain frozen and then return to normal. At some of these times I would notice it finished an Auto save at the end of the freeze, so I went and disabled Auto save, but the issue continued to happen.

My roommate showed me where to find the log files, and while looking through them i noticed it was listing a "GC Memory" listing, and it was showing the system maxed out. "GC Memory: 1435.782 / 1435.782 MB" Though while watching the performance section of my task manager I noticed the listed "Dedicated GPU memory was x.x/8.0 GB" i dont remember exactly what as I write this report. and a "Shared GPU memory of x.x/16.0 GB" and a "GPU memory of x.x/24.0 GB" though while playing on Medium graphics setting in the game none of these 3 numbers where maxed out, which seemed in contrast to the listing in the Log. Im not sure what GC Memory is pulling from, but it always seemed to max out. While the game was only pulling about 50-70% of the GPU usage at that point while still freezing.

I have reinstalled the game once, and verified the game files both before and after the reinstall.

I have:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz

32.0 GB of installed RAM

running Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

Im am including a number of log files throughout the week since ive tried playing the game again. Between most of these logs ive have tried the different things to get the game to run smooth but have continued to fail.

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Hello, Jacob,

thanks for letting us know about this issue that you are experiencing.

However, unfortunately there is nothing to be seen in the logs that would help me identify what is wrong.

Can you please supply me also the logs from the server?

You are writing that you are also hosting the game. Do you use the Lobby option (the Online mode option when starting new game or in advanced settings)? Or running dedicated server as well? If not, can you please try?

You can find the SE dedicates server app in Steam if you tick "Tools" options up in the Steam library.


After you have dedicated server downloaded and installed, please run it and wait for the freeze if it will happen as well here, when hosting the game through this option.

If the game will still suffer with same issue, you will be able to find the logs in Roaming folder as well. Just don´t go to SpaceEngineers folder, but SpaceEngineersDedicated. There you shall have server logs. Send me those as well, please.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


I was not running a Dedicated server, it was running a multiplayer game through the main client itself.

I set up and ran a dedicated server on my computer for over an hour. in that time I started the client and logged into and played on the server in that time. The server window was open on a second monitor along with my task manager to monitor things. The game Client was on windowed fullscreen, to allow me to easily tab out of the game without causing screen shifting issues that is present running full screen.

(The screen shifting happens with many games i have set to full screen, usually when I tab out, the screen for the game either minimizes or shifts down and to the right showing part of the background/desktop and sometimes partially shifting onto the second monitor. This is not part of the issue Im having, just explaining what happens)

While logged in I was having freeze-up event, usually lasting about 3-4 minutes often with a half second moment in the middle somewhere that would allow the view to move if I was moving the mouse. The character O2 and energy usage would continue to occur while the screen was frozen, other processes like stone and steel plate production in the survival block continued without noticeable pause. This happened about every ~6ish minutes.

While the client was experiencing the freeze I watched the consule on the dedicated server screen, the only action I saw was the Auto-save happening every 5 minutes. The auto-save was not lining up with the freeze-ups and would continue to happen even when the client version was frozen.

This test was conducted with both the Dedicated server and Client running on the same computer, nothing else on the computer appeared to be showing any issues. Though on the task manager while the game Client was frozen the GPU usage had spiked to max, though it was averaging pretty high when it was not frozen (but thats generally expected when running higher graphics)

Tonight after work I intend to do a dedicated server test with my roommates computer. 1 test where my PC is running the server while we both play, and one test with his PC running the server while we both play. I will upload the log files from those tests later.

I am attaching both the Server log and the Client log from the hour+ run I finished before replying here. But based on initial observation, I believe the Server may have run just fine, while my Client dealt with the freeze-ups, this to me indicates a possible GPU issue. The issue could be communication between Client and GPU, or an issue with the GPU itself based on quick assessments on the knowledge i do have. Other component issues have not been ruled out and I am looking into everything i can.

As a side note, im having similar freezing issues with the game "Snow Runner", but found I had no issues playing "Star Citizen" I know both games are made by different companies, but im listing them as examples of what else I have found works and does not work.


After work i booted up the Dedicated server, 2 times. One was a short run the second was a long run.

Both times I had the dedicated server running my roommate had joined the server to run it while I was on the server as well. The only lag he saw was a momentary lag spike when my CPU usage spiked for an unknown reason, but only seen once. Otherwise throughout the evening I was having major issues with the game freezing up, including freeze ups lasting over 6-7 minutes. During that time my roommate was playing on the same dedicated server that was running on my computer and he saw no freezing issues. I will be uploading all the logs from the time I got off work until now for review.

I now believe that the issues are effecting the game Client and not the dedicated server. My GPU usage is 90-100% while playing the game, and it freezes far too often, less than 10 minutes between each freeze up. Though while playing other GPU heavy games I dont see the same freezing issues, so it feels as if something in Space Engineers is conflicting or having issues with my GPU or its drivers.


Hello, Jacob,

thanks for level of detail provided in your comments.

Unfortunately, even in the server log, there seems to be nothing wrong.

You can try these solutions:

Verify your game files in Steam (right click on Space Engineers in Steam Library → Properties → Local Files → Verify Integrity of Game Files)

Delete SpaceEngineers.cfg file (it means your game configuration will be deleted). You can access your SpaceEngineers.cfg in the Roaming folder as well.

Delete ShaderCache2 folder

Back up your whole Space Engineers Roaming folder and delete it

Restart Steam

Reinstall VC Redist 2017

Update graphic drivers

Reinstall the game

Make sure your operating system is fully updated

Let me know if anything worked and fixed the issue or at least make it better.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


after making a copy of my saves, I deleted all the folders for "Space Engineers" in my Steam and Roaming directory, then used the Uninstall system in Steam. i did not delete the "Space Engineers: Dedicated" as it was a separate set of folders. I then went and did a complete reinstall of the game, right after its initial install in automatically did a Validation and downloaded and installed another set of files. I even unsubscribed from All mods through the workshop. I ran the vanilla game and continued to experience the Freeze ups. Next i deleted the latest windows update that was installed on the 16th, still no change. I then reinstalled the vc_redist 2015-2019 x64 (restarted computer as needed), still had the freeze ups, then I installed the vc_redist 2015-2019 x86 and tried game after a computer restart, again the game would freeze on me. I then went and deleted the ShaderCache2 folder followed by a test that continued to freeze, and then SpaceEngineers.cfg and still it would freeze when running the test.

Im not sure the issues is within the game at this point unless its an issue directly from the files distributed through the Steam launcher. I am including all the log files for review in case something changed, though i doubt any additional info could be obtained through them.


Hello, Jakob,

thanks for the info and logs again.

I still don´t see anything out of ordinary there, sadly.

The last thing that help us decide whether it´s problem on your system, or in the game, is most likely to try the game on some other PC.

So if you have the option to install the game on some other PC from your Steam account, that would guide us. If you won´t experience the issue there, when playing from same account, but on different PC, we´ll know.

Thanks for all the comments and effort.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hello, Engineer!

Because there is no new comment from you, and we are unable to reproduce the issue on our own, I will close this thread now as outdated.

If you or any other player will experience this issue again, please make a new thread and provide all needed info there.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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