Planet LOD Bug

Gravy My Bacon shared this bug 4 years ago

When hosting a local multiplayer match, sometimes the planet LOD bugs out for me, making it seem like I am floating 30 plus feet above the ground, I cannot see holes in the ground and some of the terrain is invisible, making me run into nothing and die. This only seems to happen during multiplayer.

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Hello, Engineer!

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We will address all reported issues during future development and we will attempt to fix your issue as soon as possible. We are currently close to a Major release, which is under heavy development and this takes up a lot of our time.

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Can confirm that,

after some time voxels are completely broken, you dont see much details and you are outher above or belove the surface. On all planets or moons. Here are screenshit examples of Mars.


Just reporting in that I have this exact same issue as well. If Keen could provide any sort of solution I'm sure we'd all be extremely grateful. We're on our second sever now as well.

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