Update 198 - Warfare 1: Field Engineer (Xbox)

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Hello, Engineers!

The next major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

Marek's Blog post: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2021/04/space-engineers...

Update Features

  • Damage, Hit and Enemy player Indicator
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil functionality for hand weapons
  • Hand weapons rebalance
  • Added Three S Series Pistols
  • Added Two Rocket Launchers
  • Implemented reload animations for all hand weapons
  • Brand New Rifle shot sounds
  • Hand weapons ammo rework
  • Magazines visual overhaul
  • Target Dummy Block
  • Two New Passage Blocks
  • New PvP Scenaio - Uranium Heist
  • Optimized voxel physics shape prefetch
  • Voxel texture arrays streaming - Textures, Shaders & Mipmaps
  • New light texture for Car spotlights
  • Players names for combat scenarios
  • Added Friendly Fire world setting for MP
  • Added Team balancer and Match session components and world setting for MP PvP scenarios
  • Added Match administration for PvP scenarios
  • Added Faction score UI for PvP scenarios (3 teams)
  • Added Character speed multiplier world setting
  • Added Recoil world setting
  • Added Environment damage multiplier world setting
  • Added Gamepad aim assist and world setting for it (turned off by default for MP)
  • Added Backpack despawn timer override world setting
  • Added Allow building projection to global filter and safezones
  • Added Game UI options for selecting color/transparency of new hit indicator
  • Added Consumable assembler category
  • Added Damage turned off and Grid is immune notifications

Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack

  • Fire Cover Block
  • Half Window Block
  • Weapon Rack Block
  • 5 Passage Blocks
  • Embrasure Block
  • 2 new Emotes
  • Assault Suit skin

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash when creating random lightning
  • Fixed a crash when Safezone filter UI stayed visible even when disconnected from session and user interacted with it
  • Fixed a crash when trying to upload a mod when its files are being actively modified or are corrupted
  • Optimized how grids are loading, had impact on world loading, projection spawning as well
  • Changed "Enable friendly turret damage" Advanced world option description being misleading, it only applies to any missile damage
  • Fixed DSGUI being slow when trying to load large worlds
  • Fixed floating but otherwise unmoving grids not falling down after thrusters were removed
  • Fixed floating objects in gravity synchronizing each frame, causing traffic even when not actually changing position
  • Fixed gatling turrets not being able to detect enemies behind it
  • Fixed GDPR agreement changes persisting even when trying to discard changes by exiting the Game settings with Escape
  • Fixed headshot feature not working as intended
  • Fixed hydrogen storage percentage reaching up to 500%
  • Fixed inability to add plugins for vanilla Dedicated Server
  • Fixed inability to export objects with Ctrl+Alt+E
  • Fixed inability to modify manually placed asteroids with a voxel hand
  • Fixed inability to start a newly made local scenario directly after publishing it
  • Fixed Interior turrets doing more damage than intended due to them not respecting Damage multiplier
  • Fixed Join game->Game browser not updating when max player was changed while Lobby was running
  • Fixed jump drive countdown state being remembered in blueprints
  • Fixed Landing gear incorrectly switching from "Ready to lock" to "Locked" state after a grid was split even when autolock was specifically disabled
  • Fixed large Industrial cockpit having default collision cube (while still a cube it is now not the default one)
  • Fixed meteor grid damage not respecting Global permissions
  • Fixed possible piston clang behavior due to Z axis force limits not being checked
  • Fixed rare inability to turn on gamepad while the game was already running
  • Fixed Sabiroids returning to Idle mode when server was restarted while chasing somebody
  • Fixed specific incorrect Programmable block behavior when reusing MyIni
  • Fixed subgrids previously lifted by rotor strength not falling down immediately after rotor was turned off with Braking torque set to 0
  • Fixed the ability to paste floating objects into grids
  • Fixed the ability to place blocks inside the extended parts of a piston
  • Fixed the ability to select and place unresearched block with a gamepad
  • Fixed the Open workshop button in the Gamepad Simple New game screen not actually doing anything
  • Fixed turrets shooting above wolves because of the wolves' incorrect collision box size
  • Fixed voxel hand being usable when character is dead
  • Fixed wheels being able to rotate the whole vehicle when the handbrake is engaged
  • Fixed broken Cryo Chamber texture on High details
  • Fixed broken deformation bones on multiple armor blocks
  • Fixed character not immediately switching animation when running out of hydrogen
  • Fixed destroyed bushes leaving black cubes behind
  • Fixed Merge block LoD model being rotated 90 degrees
  • Fixed mirrored Grated Half Stairs not changing LoD models in construction stages
  • Fixed missing Small lightning damaged state particles
  • Fixed unfitting LoD2 texture for Airtight Hangar Door
  • Fixed UV textures for Grated (Half) Stairs
  • Fixed visual bug in Assembler production screen when inventory is full while trying to produce items
  • Fixed incorrect order and formatting of columns in Friends tab of a Join game screen on Xbox
  • Fixed Mods screen not refreshing correctly after subscribing to a new modFixed Sensor block having max required input of 0 W at all times
  • Fixed two different weathers being the same name in French localization (Orage léger)
  • Fixed rare crash of dedicated server (EOS)
  • Fixed crash in Model viewer
  • Fixed network performance issues for floating object, backpack, safezone block and waypoint
  • Fixed crash in resource distributor
  • Fixed black screen issue after suspending game on Xbox console

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when a character tried to spawn on a projected Medical room
  • Fixed a crash when normally unavailable Show on HUD was activated for antennas
  • Fixed a crash when opening weather admin screen in French localization
  • Fixed a crash when sending "/nml" in the chat
  • Optimized History and Favorites tab be more performant
  • Fixed ability to set NaN(not a number) value to wheel settings, causing unpredictable behavior
  • Fixed Advanced door subparts damaging the character when grid accelerates
  • Fixed assembler in cooperative mode trying to produce ingots when paired with a survival kit
  • Fixed assemblers consuming ingots when producing while inventory is full
  • Fixed asteroid embeded station becoming dynamic when removing blocks in certain configurations
  • Fixed Cryo Pod managing O2 incorrectly
  • Fixed existence of blocks being built by multiple people desynchronizing on DS
  • Fixed gasses not being able to pass through Sorters in the correct direction
  • Fixed Good.Bot forgetting already finished tutorials between sessions
  • Fixed hydrogen not being used when character in jetpack flew in one direction only
  • Fixed in-game text editor becoming unresponsive when holding Alt or having mechanically stuck keys
  • Fixed inability to build from cockpit (Ctrl+G) in survival lobby games
  • Fixed inability to load older saves without newer data
  • Fixed inability to save worlds with names longer than 12 characters
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when trying to load world which was saved and exited while character was dead
  • Fixed Lightning not hitting decoys as a priority
  • Fixed merge blocks not merging in certain situations
  • Fixed overriden thrusters on stations incorrectly consuming power when turned off
  • Fixed Particle.UserRadiusMultiplier not working properly for Mods
  • Fixed planets being listed as spawn sites even when situated beyond the playable world limits
  • Fixed previous unsuccessful renaming of blueprints compounding in the confirmation dialog
  • Fixed Programmable block raycasts not checking for pitch and yaw angles correctly
  • Fixed republishing of an existing mod getting rid of previously set categories
  • Fixed Russian localization for Antenna range slider
  • Fixed ship toolbar not working properly with a gamepad
  • Fixed Sloped corner heavy armor tip being easier to destroy than the light variant
  • Fixed Sorter not pulling items properly when grid has timers turning conveyor systems on/off, confusing it
  • Fixed Terminal Control panel UI not updating selection when trying to control the left pane with arrow keys
  • Fixed Timer block delay slider not showing correct time
  • Fixed transparency issues for buildable and non-buildable parts of a projection
  • Fixed unresponsive server not noticing the disconnection of a player, preventing said player from reconnecting again
  • Fixed Visual scripting tool not saving nodes properly for scenarios
  • Fixed wheels incorrectly having access to Share inertia setting
  • Fixed wheels making a flying grid incontrollable
  • Fixed wind sounds from fast character moving through atmosphere persisting through death
  • Fixed hydrogen engine energy output being incorrectly included in calculations for stored energy duration
  • Fixed Mods disappearing from radial menu in Survival mode after enabling Creative tools
  • Fixed OK button graying out inexplicably when toggling categories before Publishing a mod
  • Fixed parachute hatch not present in production screen
  • Fixed Realistic sound mode not affecting weather sounds
  • Fixed Small grid text panel appearing as upside down on Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed transparent textures on Yield modules with Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed Altimeter and artificial horizon being present when in spectator mode
  • Fixed an error in German translation for wheel Strength setting
  • Fixed block description tooltips being too large in Russian localization
  • Fixed Chinese localization characters/expressions being shifted a bit in the UI
  • Fixed crosshair being off-center when seat is not aligned with camera
  • Fixed grammar in Search contract description text
  • Fixed small grid conveyor tube having gray edges
  • Fixed UI sounds happening when using hand tools through gamepad
  • Fixed double tapping issue on hand weapons
  • Fixed Silicon naming for Italian language


Changelog – Hotfix - 1.198.027

  • Fixed a crash in analytics when trying to run Space engineers on Linux via Proton because geolocation is not supported
  • Fixed a crash when shooting rocket launcher while simultaneously trying to spawn an item
  • Fixed a crash in lightning when closest planet was null
  • Fixed crouching not affecting the hit position when shooting
  • Fixed EOS servers not being added to History and Favorites
  • Fixed Gatling guns not pulling ammo automatically
  • Fixed rockets and bullets flying away in a random direction for specific angles of aim while crouching
  • Fixed rockets shot from launcher not interacting with the Target Dummy
  • Fixed Passage 3 Wall blocks mount points preventing them from being placed on the thicker side
  • Fixed turrets producing hit markers when not being actively controlled by players
  • Hot-fixed an issue preventing clients from joining servers. This issue is caused by servers running a very large number of mods. This issue prevents clients from joining servers by not counting mod dependencies toward the listed mod count. We have created a fix address this issue on heavily modded servers. If you have this issue, please take the following steps.

    1) Make a mod on the workshop. This can be an empty mod with no function.
    2) Add all (or part) of your server mod list as dependencies to this mod.
    3) Use this mod on your DS in place of the mods you added as dependencies.

    Players will not be able to use the advanced mod filter and will not see what mods your server needs in server details. They will, however, be able to join.
    If you still have this issue even after taking the above steps, check that your server description is not too long. Server descriptions should be 200 characters or less. We may add this limit to the server description field in the future.


Changelog – Hotfix - 1.198.031


  • Added Passage T-junction, Passage Window and Passage Corner blocks to the Warfare 1 DLC package

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash in AI
  • Fixed a crash in economy when a faction was removed from the save outside of the game (save file editting) without removing faction relations
  • Fixed a crash related to how DLC banners in main and escape menu were handled
  • Fixed a crash when connecting/disconnecting a controller
  • Fixed a crash when radial menu was modded incorrectly with non-existing items
  • Fixed a crash when trying to place a floating object
  • Fixed rocket launcher clipping when aiming upward as a Male
  • Fixed rocket launcher upwards movement behavior when crouched as a Female
  • Fixed shoulder animation during rifle reload
  • Fixed GPS color value and saturation on hover tooltips being switched
  • Fixed Server/Client freezing when lower tier production block (coop) tried to help higher production tier blocks(repeat) with advanced blueprints

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed hydrogen thrusters working without fuel for short amount of time when overridden
  • Fixed mountpoints for Symbol/Letter blocks, also made them disappear when block under them is deleted to help with performance
  • Fixed clipping when aiming down sights with a pistol


Changelog – Hotfix - 1.198.033

  • Fixed a crash when starting the game caused by a corrupted banner

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When will the unachievable 'Frostbite' X-Box achievement be fixed? Still says 0.00% people played unlocked it...


Just ran through frostbite since latest update, still broke... Fix next update PLEASE!!


can we please get scripts on single player its the only thing missing on xbox


No, it is against MS policy.


Microsoft doesn't really allow that


US 1. Server. Has been down. For two days. Please fix so I can recover my stuff On my Xbox and

Play the game. This is ridiculous. Can't even access the game online Through your Servers.


IF you can, will you guys ever consider raising the PCU for the XBOX One X players to 500,000 and the Series X and S to 1,000,000 this game is too awsome to just have 200,000 PCU, I'm an XBOX One X player I'm trying to find a Series X or S but it's just way too hard to find one, this is why I'm asking, I hope you guys will but, if not it's still an awsome game anyway.


If you have a one X, dont get a one S. There's literally no difference

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