Update 1.201 - Most Wanted

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Hello, Engineers!

Our newest release is here! YOU, our community, are the inspiration for this release. We have reviewed your feedback and from it, created a collection of new additions based on your requests. We hope this update contains some of the many items we have seen on wishlists and the support portal. This update contains several highly requested blocks, fixes, and improvements.

While all Major updates are free, many include a premium (DLC) component. This “Community” update is completely free and contains no DLC. On top of this it includes new content for existing DLCs (this means an additional free update for everyone who owns these DLC’s). Our focus in the Community update is on blocks the community may consider missing, and on important fixes across Space Engineers.

This update will be just that, an update that focuses solely on community requested content. We will not be releasing any premium content or DLC with this update.

While we certainly didn't get to every community request (there are many) we focused on realizing as many as possible from the most commonly requested items.


  • New Camera Overlay
  • Added Weldless Armor Skin
  • Added Corrugated Metal Armor Skin

Added new Blocks - Base Game

  • New Armor shapes (S + L grid, Light + Heavy, 10 shapes, 40 blocks total)
  • T Junction Conveyor (S + L grid, 2 blocks total)
  • Round Windows (S + L grid, 4 shapes, 16 blocks total)
  • Small advanced rotor (S grid, 1 block)
  • Conveyor Converter (S grid, 1 block)
  • Half Cover Wall Mirror (L grid, 1 block)
  • Plushie Engineer (S grid, 1 block)
  • Ladder Shaft (L grid, 1 block)
  • Reinforced Conveyors (S + L grid, 3 shapes, 6 blocks total)

Added new Blocks to existing DLCs:

  • Inverted Corner Desks (L grid, 2 blocks total) [Deco Pack 1]
  • Grated Catwalk Variants (L grid, 4 blocks total) [Deco Pack 2]
  • Railing Variants (L grid, 3 blocks total) [Deco Pack 2]
  • Neon Tubes (L grid got 3 new shapes, S grid got 8 new shapes, 11 blocks total) [Sparks of the Future]
  • Industrial Conveyor T-junction [Heavy Industry]
  • Diagonal Window Wall (L grid, 2 blocks total) [Warfare 1]
  • Diagonal Bridge Window Inverted (L grid, 1 block) [Warfare 2]

Combat Improvements & Quality of Life Changes

  • Lead Indicator working in Gravity
  • Explosion value tweaks for Explosive Ammo
  • New system to determine small/large block size (for editing size of explosion particle effects)
  • Added center variable for block mirroring

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash in EOS DS
  • Fixed persistence of identically named blocks in terminal after copy&paste (Small Reactor, Small Reactor used to become Small Reactor, Small Reactor 2)
  • Fixed environmental flashes of light appearing at 0,0,0 instead of around actively shooting turrets
  • Fixed difficulties with construction/deconstruction of Small Grid Armor Panels
  • Fixed missing flyby sounds of turret ordinance
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Large Warfare Reactor construction stage LOD3
  • Fixed Searchlight not being present in Large Blocks Category of Toolbar Config (G-menu)
  • Added Explosive components as detonatable inside inventories
  • Fixed a gap in the geometry of Small Assault Turret
  • Fixed Small grid Air vent conveyor ports to look like the non-interactive ports they are supposed to be
  • Fixed width of Dispenser block to better fit with similar blocks
  • Fixed missing Character Step, Fall, Impact sounds for Alien Soil voxel material
  • Fixed Lost Colony world not being saved correctly through DS-GUI Save button
  • Fixed 'Click' sound when using Ship tool secondary action
  • Fixed formatting of Good.bot hints when using Gamepad
  • Fixed Target indicator not scaling with resolution
  • Fixed typo in Searchlight description
  • Fixed formatting of Reactor description
  • Fixed turret not stopping shooting when player takes over
  • Fixed Z-fighting between multiple landing gears being placed in a row
  • Fixed Passage 2 collision models for a better fit
  • Fixed projectiles and tracers not pointing in the direction of flight
  • Fixed a crash when stopping the game through Steam
  • Fixed rotation of Small grid Solar panel emissive bar

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to cross the boundary of a size limited world via Jumping
  • Fixed multiselect overwriting Custom Turret Controller settings incorrectly
  • Fixed multiselect overwriting Exhaust pipe settings incorrectly
  • Fixed sliders resetting when copying Heat Vent
  • Fixed getting stuck in Cryo chamber when its ownership changed while player was offline
  • Fixed Jump drives not jumping to Beacons on DS
  • Fixed Cockpit's configured toolbar not being persistent through copy&paste
  • Fixed turrets not targeting automatically on DS
  • Fixed persistence of Heat Vent settings through reload
  • Fixed Custom Turret continuing with motion initiated while relinquishing controls
  • Fixed UI scrolling up under the cursor when right-click&dragging an item resulting in different item being relocated
  • Fixed spaces at the end of ship names preventing creation of blueprints
  • Fixed persistence of Custom Turret Controller AI range through reload
  • Fixed penetrative projectiles ignoring subparts of blocks
  • Fixed Armor panel collision issues
  • Fixed Character getting stuck in place after using spectator while controlling Custom Turret Controller and exiting
  • Fixed Warfare Hangar Door collisions to be in line with the old ones
  • Fixed emissive parts of lights not being in sync with pointlights when set to flashing
  • Fixed missing highlight on Warfare Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed missing crosshair when viewing through Camera on a custom turret with new Camera overlay with built-in crosshair
  • Fixed not playing the end sounds after a jump with a jump drive
  • Fixed persistency for Sci-Fi Four-Button Panel button descriptions on DS
  • Fixed a crash in Custom Turret Controller
  • Fixed Window Wall blocks being airtight from the sides
  • Fixed wolves not being able to be hit by turrets due to missing head offset
  • Fixed Controller always being inverted in spectator regardless of Invert-Y axis setting
  • Fixed black GPS signals reverting to blue after reload
  • Fixed Searchlight not following characters on DS
  • Fixed Load game screen not showing thumbnails when using a gamepad
  • Fixed missing breathing sounds in survival with realistic sounds
  • Fixed missing choking sounds in survival SP
  • Fixed visible gaps on the Railgun models
  • Fixed cycle subsystems not updating on toolbar when there are two turrets
  • Fixed missing piston sounds after piston head detached
  • Fixed collisions for Antenna Dish
  • Fixed collisions for Medical room
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Custom Turret Controller toolbar options when compared to regular turrets
  • Fixed missing staircase for one of the Economy NPC trade stations preventing non-flying access
  • Fixed /gps command not iterating when used multiple times
  • Fixed Gatling turrets ignoring targeting orders from Programmable block

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.201.013


  • Fixed missing armor skins on Xbox
  • Fixed crash in MyCharacter.UpdateAnimationNewSystem
  • Fixed crash in MyCharacter.GetRotation
  • Removed 'Non-craftable' item from Spawn Menu


Changelog – Hotfix - 1.201.014


  • Fixed several regressing crashes

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io non riesco a trovare le nuove texture per i blocchi


Great update hyped for the next one


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