Update 1.200 - Warfare 2 "Broadside"

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Hello, Engineers!

The time has come! The team has been working hard on this update and today, we delivered new blocks, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a reimagining of warfare in Space Engineers!

Warfare 2: Broadside expands and improves vehicle combat in Space Engineers. We are continually inspired by our incredible community and so we have created this vision of war based on community feedback. Your creations, machinations, mods, stories and visions of the world of Space Engineers helped guide our efforts and deliver one of our biggest updates ever!

The goal of Warfare 2: Broadside is to bring you more fun and engagement with Space Engineers, both on planets and in space. Defending against pirates, boarding a freighter, having a tank battle on a moon or a breakneck dogfight through the canyons of Pertram, - we believe this update will change the way you play.

While war is the theme, we mustn’t forget that this is Space Engineers. “Building and creativity” remains the center of the Space Engineers universe. With this update, we are introducing a series of quality of life improvements as well as entirely new mechanics.

Marek's Blog post: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2022/01/space-engineers-warfare-2-broadside.html

Update Features

  • Target Locking, New Combat Mechanics
  • Arsenal of new weapons and ammunition:
    • Railgun (small and large grid)
    • Artillery (large grid)
    • Artillery Turret (large grid)
    • Assault Cannon (small grid)
    • Assault Cannon Turret (small and large grid)
    • Autocannon (small grid)
    • Autocannon Turret (small grid)
  • Decoy block changes
  • Custom Turret Controller block for subgrid turrets
  • Projectile Drop; Gravity impacts projectiles, Railgun sabots and shells trajectory. Gravity Generators do not have any effect
  • Large caliber shell physics; shells and Railgun sabots are capable of penetrating several layers of armor
  • Weapon Damage and Armor rebalanced
  • Ammunition and Tank Detonations;
    • Any block that contains ammunition of any type will explode when destroyed by taking damage. The explosion is based on the amount and type of munitions that were inside the inventory
    • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks explode and deal damage based on the amount of fuel left inside of them during the time of their destruction
    • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks no longer lose all fuel upon being damaged below the red line, instead they slowly leak fuel. The fire particle is replaced by smoke when fuel hits 0%
  • Improved particle effects for bullets, explosions and hit effects
  • Mod API Improvements
  • New Custom Start map: Asteroid Armory
  • New block: Offset Passenger Seat
  • Increased Beacon range to 200 km, Jump Drives are now able to set Beacons as a jump-target
  • Added new graphics settings for Light Details
  • First-person camera improvement: auto look return
  • Removed the Good.bot chat feature

Warfare 2 Broadside Pack

  • Warfare Ion Thruster
  • Warfare Reactor
  • Warfare Hangar Door variants
  • Warfare Rocket Launcher (Rocket Launcher re-skin)
  • Warfare Gatling Gun (Gatling Gun re-skin)
  • Searchlight
  • Bridge Windows
  • Passenger Bench
  • Light Panel
  • Helm
  • Warfare Battery
  • Heat Vent
  • Sliding Hatch Door
  • Woodland Camo Armor Skin
  • Shark Mouth Helmet Skin
  • “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Emotes
  • “Salute” Emote

Community Collaboration

We would like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, collaboration and inspiration. You feed our “Need to Create”. A very special thank you to:

  • Darkstar
  • JTurp
  • Jakaria
  • AWG
  • NinjaPirate
  • Mexpex
  • Okim
  • Klime
  • Math0424
  • Whiplash141
  • Dondelium
  • Meridius_IX
  • Gwindalmir

...and so many others that have, and continue to, inspire us with their creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

Mod API Improvements

  • IMyLargeTurretBase.GetTargetedEntity(): Now returns target grid bounding box center as Position, grid bounding box as the BoundingBox, and the targeted block position as HitPosition
  • Fixed IMyShipController's MoveIndicator, RollIndicator, and RotationIndicator so that they sync properly. There is no longer a difference in behavior between clients and hosts in multiplayer. This opens up a ton of scripting possibilities!
  • MyTransparentGeometry IMyBillboard interface
  • GameLogic additions and the ability to read files from mod folder
  • Added action for when characters use a consumable item
  • IMyVoxelMaps Additions
  • IMyShipDrill is now an IMyShipToolBase
  • Added Missing Terminal and Controller ModAPI methods
  • MySync Implementation in ModAPI
  • Block Weapon Group UI compatibility
  • Decals ModAPI Changes
  • GetFatBlocks for ModAPI
  • Grid Groups
  • IMYCubeGrid interface to Physics.ApplyDeformation
  • Fixed IMyLargeTurretBase - Azimuth and Elevation issue
  • IMyTurretControlBlock | Expose ShootDirection and m_directionBlock to the script API
  • Interface to CubeGrid.GridSystems.ConveyorSystem PullItem() and PushGenerateItem()
  • Interface to Grid.GridSystems.ResourceDistributor
  • Interface to GridSystems.GridPowerStateChanged event for ModAPI
  • Interface to GridSystems.IsTrash() property
  • Interface to GridSystems.mterminalSystem* group events
  • Interface to MyProjectile.GetSurfaceAndMaterial
  • Missiles detector for ModAPI
  • MyMissiles and MyMissile ModAPI
  • MyProjectile and MyProjectiles ModAPI
  • MyTextureChange whitelist
  • Projectile detector interface
  • Animal NPC API Expansions
  • Interface to GridSystems.m_terminalSystem_* group events
  • Added events: MyCubeGrid.OnConnectivityChanged MyCubeGrid.OnMerge
  • MyGridGasSystem Interface
  • IMyModel GetTriangle & GetVertex
  • MyGridJumpDriveSystem Interface
  • Cargo:ExternalMass
  • OnExplosion delegate to MyExplosions
  • Expose AdminSettings Getter Methods
  • Added INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged to whitelist
  • Mod API Documentation updated

Known Issues

  • Text panels and LCDs missing font size slider, Aspect ratio toggle, Image change interval and Padding options.
    We are working on a hotfix to remedy that soon!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed crash when toggling Ejector Override power transfer
  • Fixed infinite joining when attempting connection to an EOS DS
  • Fixed ability of DLC non-owner to weld up a projection with skins already applied (now it welds without armor skins if not owned)
  • Fixed animation incorrectly keeping welding pose for male emotes if welder equipped
  • Fixed Beacons being able to transmit ore locations (they are not supposed to)
  • Fixed black screen appearing when choosing NO in dialog after attempting to load a save from a newer version
  • Fixed block name field keeping its cursor position when switching from block with longer name to block with shorter name
  • Fixed bullets going through voxel and hitting grids inside it
  • Fixed chat command '/gps share' creating two GPSes (one activated, the other deactivated)
  • Fixed Corner armor panels being harder to aim at and weld
  • Fixed desync of predicted ship moving it forward and backward when trying to rotate with Q and E or changing status of dampeners
  • Fixed displacement of a true full-screen window after alt-tabbing
  • Fixed DSGUI being unable to create Scenarios directly through Save button
  • Fixed Experimental check being skipped when joining server through Server Details screen
  • Fixed F9 (formerly F7, spectator where the position is fixed and character controls are active) behavior when encountering highlightable objects
  • Fixed factions turning to undiscovered when managing them as an admin with Creative tools enabled
  • Fixed game stripping off DLC blocks incorrectly when paste merging grid onto existing grid on DS or in Lobby MP
  • Fixed gamepad aim assist not working
  • Fixed hit indicator not appearing around the cross-hair in 3rd person view
  • Fixed inability to regain focus/selection with gamepad after refresh in faction selection part of respawn screen
  • Fixed inconsistency of gamepad radial menus behavior allowing selection (but not placement) of unowned DLC blocks
  • Fixed Jump drive being able to jump through an obstacle
  • Fixed LCD image change interval not working correctly for values close to the update rate (Update10)
  • Fixed Linux proton mono incompatibility (Linux still not officially supported as a platform, but hopefully fix allows for easier set up now)
  • Fixed mod.io search not working at times (wildcard search is now available for <=3 characters, otherwise full-text only)
  • Fixed ModAPI IMyCubeGrid.GasSystem crashing the game when accessed too early
  • Fixed Oxygen farm incorrectly switching to full production before it updates after reload
  • Fixed personal rocket launcher firing off into different direction than wanted when crouching
  • Fixed Safe Zone being disabled on grid being split
  • Fixed Safe Zone names not being updated for clients after rename and reconnect
  • Fixed server saving on restart with "Save before restarting" being disabled because auto-save interval >0 was influencing it (moved outside of auto-restart and independent of interval)
  • Fixed ship tools being able to be engaged twice by combining methods of input
  • Fixed subgrids or landing gear locked grids taking over control of the grid
  • Fixed the ability to jump into a natural gravity environment with a jump drive (now jump is prevented)
  • Fixed thruster flames not being synchronized to others in case grid is a station
  • Fixed visual duplication of inventory contents caused by incorrect splitting of network messages (new deterministic system introduced)
  • Fixed wind turbines not checking area around pivot point for atmosphere
  • Improved ModAPI ability to place voxel maps with rotation and material (procedural and predefined asteroids, newly planets)
  • Optimized performance of placement check when casting a preview of a massive grid over existing massive grid
  • Optimized performance when trying to open and handle large amount of inventories
  • Fixed armor skin getting deleted from blocks in preview by using a line to delete existing ones
  • Fixed artificial horizon indicator not being present when controlling through remote control
  • Fixed character ragdoll bones not updating, not syncing and deforming after death
  • Fixed cloud blueprints not having thumbnails
  • Fixed collisions for Barred Windows being too thin
  • Fixed cryo-chamber emissivity when built in atmosphere (used to indicate yellow, not knowing about atmospheric oxygen)
  • Fixed descriptions for LS and RS actions in gamepad controller schemes
  • Fixed emissive status of lights not being persistent through save/reload
  • Fixed faction UI showing info about an already disbanded faction
  • Fixed female arm clipping through body when aiming down with a rocket launcher
  • Fixed female arm when holding a rifle
  • Fixed female rifle stance not being aligned with the cross-hair
  • Fixed female twisted wrist when holding a launcher whilst crouching
  • Fixed gamepad hints overlapping with other text under Mods
  • Fixed gamepad rotation hint axes staying in the world
  • Fixed grids not rotating smoothly when rotation speed was too low
  • Fixed idle male + female weapon idle animation (used to move the weapon in random directions, clipping into camera)
  • Fixed male idle animations with hand tools while flying
  • Fixed male idle pose with grinder equipped
  • Fixed male pistol animation when aiming down
  • Fixed minor art discrepancies on Passages
  • Fixed mirrored danger stickers on Assembler
  • Fixed non-block items in Toolbar config drawing description boxes over other parts of UI
  • Fixed O2/H2 generator not updating processing sounds when work is done
  • Fixed parachute not being synced to others on DS
  • Fixed passage block shading
  • Fixed ragdoll deformation on pushed disconnected clients because of weapon/tool position not updating
  • Fixed Safe Zone block collision being only a cylinder
  • Fixed Show all players admin option pointing out NPCs as well (now shows only players in sync distance for clients on DS and MP, MP host sees much further)
  • Fixed Small Light Armor Corner having an invisible edge in construction stages
  • Fixed static hints for entering/exiting symmetry setup
  • Fixed Target dummy missing control panel highlight on Low and Medium graphics
  • Fixed tooltip for button "Open in workshop" under Mods
  • Fixed tooltip for Custom data button
  • Fixed tooltip for Refresh button in Entity list
  • Fixed tooltip typo for Show antenna range under Terminal>Info
  • Fixed Turret control HUD not appearing after reconnecting/reloading while controlling a turret
  • Fixed weather temperature info not being consistent with HUD temperature readings
  • Fixed Z-fighting on kitchen block
  • Fixed Z-fighting on the sci-fi bar counter
  • Fixed visible line break in message when Jump drive jump has been truncated
  • Fixed Advanced Gamepad control Help for Camera zoom
  • Fixed capitalization for several items in Toolbar config
  • Fixed Decoy description text to also inform about lightning
  • Fixed Direct connect textbox tooltip to also include mention of hostname
  • Fixed DLC Icons overlapping loading screen tips and quotes texts
  • Fixed DSGUI save tooltip not updating after list refresh
  • Fixed Emotes being available in Cryo chamber
  • Fixed horizontal rotation movement of character not being precise/smooth enough for aiming
  • Fixed non-descript tooltip for the optional Scripter role on DS
  • Fixed shortened faction information in Online Players screen by adding a tooltip
  • Fixed symbol 1 block in Sparks of the Future shuttle being upside down
  • Fixed the ability to bind several actions to single key in controls (now one binding per key)
  • Fixed the ability to have negative number Trash removal values
  • Fixed tooltip on Continue button after last playing Uranium Heist
  • Fixed tooltip on Enable area interaction
  • Fixed wording on message when client lost connection to the server, but server was still running

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Cutscene editor
  • Fixed a crash when setting Piston velocity to NaN
  • Fixed a freeze in physics when using hinges at the border of a Safe Zone
  • Fixed ability to remove online seated players by deleting grids which resulted in a crash
  • Fixed game freezing on world unload when playing in offline mode
  • Fixed game freezing when using a build planner to withdraw many components from a very complex system
  • Fixed ability to bomb grids by accelerating unfinished blocks
  • Fixed access to unowned blocks on otherwise shared grid for Faction members (same faction members can now access)
  • Fixed an error when publishing and re-publishing blueprints
  • Fixed armor deformation causing damage to surrounding blocks
  • Fixed assembler queue continuing production visually when block turned off
  • Fixed atmospheric thruster override slider being focused, selected and moved when using D-pad to change focus between panes
  • Fixed AvailableEffects not restricting the list of effects when modding Exhaust Pipe blocks
  • Fixed beacon signal disappearing after grid split even when still powered and enabled
  • Fixed behavior when joining a server after connecting to the internet from Steam offline
  • Fixed bottle fill levels not being synced to clients after auto-refill in hydrogen tanks
  • Fixed build planner shortcuts not working with Freight blocks
  • Fixed changes to block groups not propagating to the server properly
  • Fixed character stats not updating on modded suit change
  • Fixed Collision avoidance function of auto-pilot reacting to projections
  • Fixed Convert to Station disable for worlds on DS not having any effect
  • Fixed conveyor system not updating properly when using subgrids to convey resources on the same grid and breaking connection
  • Fixed cylindrical conveyors being airtight
  • Fixed dampeners on hydrogen thrusters not compensating for additional mass attached by a landing gear
  • Fixed delay in start of Hydrogen engine functionality (filling up and producing)
  • Fixed DS performance when drilling from cockpit using drills as active tools as opposed to direct on/off
  • Fixed explosive behavior when combining drills and hinges on a wheeled vehicle
  • Fixed Export model feature causing freeze when Ctrl was rebound to ship movement (like thruster down)
  • Fixed Gate block doors having collisions outside of bounding block, preventing closing when block embeded in blocks
  • Fixed Gatling Gun drawing power when turned off
  • Fixed hidden and hard-coded Jump drive charge power efficiency (80%) by exposing it to SBC and to detail info
  • Fixed Hydrogen tanks causing too high of a network load (made them update only when change is significant)
  • Fixed IMyShipMergeBlock.IsConnected returning whether the connecting is happening (now returns connected status)
  • Fixed inability to create a new scenario using a saved world in VST
  • Fixed inability to select modded characters in Medbay Character customization screen on DS
  • Fixed incorrect max required input readout for Hydrogen thruster
  • Fixed inverted controls setting for gamepad not being persistent
  • Fixed items in a block group not being interactive beyond first row in Toolbar config right-most tab
  • Fixed jetpack consumption rate not updating after changing environment from planetary to space
  • Fixed jump drive visual countdown (particles, sounds, etc...) not getting stopped when jump manually stopped
  • Fixed Jump drives not ignoring its own grid's sub-grids
  • Fixed LCD image change interval not working on DS with heavy usage (like Keen EU)
  • Fixed Light offset going in the wrong direction
  • Fixed lightning striking underground
  • Fixed lights flickering when near the limit of available light sources (new graphics setting of max lights in a radius around you)
  • Fixed misinformative tooltip for Enable respawn ships Advanced world setting
  • Fixed ModAPI not having access to RaiseBeforeDamageApplied/RaiseAfterDamageApplied
  • Fixed ModAPI not having read access to DLC status of blocks
  • Fixed ModAPI ScreenArea no longer being whitelisted
  • Fixed overflow in maximum grid mass by capping it
  • Fixed overriden Hydrogen thrusters consuming fuel even when turned off
  • Fixed oxygen not extending all the way down into canyons on planets
  • Fixed performance in safety detach checks for mechanical blocks
  • Fixed persistency of modded faction logos
  • Fixed projector drawing power even when turned off or unfinished
  • Fixed projector not getting reselected in terminal after loading in a projection blueprint
  • Fixed scrolling when scrollable list is focused
  • Fixed see-through middle barrel for Large grid rocket launcher block
  • Fixed Sensors not detecting characters when seated
  • Fixed Share inertia tensor option visibility being overridden incorrectly, making it disappear for certain mod and vanilla situations
  • Fixed Show connected/interacted inventories not being persistent
  • Fixed Solar panels working even if planet obscured vision of the sun
  • Fixed sounds played by Host through sound block in MP Lobby not being synchronized to Clients
  • Fixed tool skins changed in main menu not persisting into worlds
  • Fixed turned off and misaligned merge blocks causing a split even when not being part of a successful merge connection
  • Fixed turret settings not being synchronized to the server
  • Fixed turrets not targeting characters hidden behind embrasures
  • Fixed turrets still shooting at long detonated missiles
  • Fixed Whiplash's turret based radar script not working properly on DS
  • Fixed Xbox players not receiving achievement for finishing Frostbite
  • Fixed a hole in Small Sci-Fi atmospheric thruster on distant LoD
  • Fixed a typo in hinge block description
  • Fixed a visual hole in the top of an extended Small piston base
  • Fixed admin screen being accessible for Character screen
  • Fixed bathroom LoDs changing inconsistently
  • Fixed constant large grid ship sounds from occurring when all connected grids add up to over 500tons of mass
  • Fixed default block names not being translated to chosen localization for the observer (renamed blocks are not localized this way)
  • Fixed Enable autorespawn typo in advanced world settings
  • Fixed exhaust particles appearing larger at a distance
  • Fixed faction changes moving the faction screen for others
  • Fixed flickering on base of Antenna model
  • Fixed Gatling Turrets shooting lower than where the crosshair is (without planetary gravity affecting it)
  • Fixed heart sticker on the interior of a small industrial cockpit
  • Fixed Heavy armor sloped corner block not applying SciFi armor skin
  • Fixed missing chrome material on Large Hydrogen Thruster, Conveyor Junction and Conveyor Sorter
  • Fixed missing H key on keyboard texture
  • Fixed missing LoD0 for 1x2 Inv Window
  • Fixed missing workshop thumbnails for in-game Scripts
  • Fixed projection of a Gatling Turret splitting in two
  • Fixed red highlight in component window when welding with not enough components also appearing for the next block
  • Fixed Sci-Fi One Button Terminal button not turning yellow when action is assigned
  • Fixed script editor character count and "Too long" warning overlapping
  • Fixed small air vent not having any emissive indicators
  • Fixed small grid blast door edge not accepting armor skins
  • Fixed top mountpoint being available for small industrial cockpit
  • Fixed UI of welding/grinding info breaking upon cycling the visibility of the UI
  • Fixed veteran suit being emissive (not emissive now)
  • Fixed visual issues on 5x5 Offroad wheel
  • Fixed visual issues on Beam block
  • Fixed visual issues on Conveyor Pipes
  • Fixed visual issues on Industrial Hydrogen Tank
  • Fixed visual issues on Large Solar Panel
  • Fixed visual issues on Small Solar Panel
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Left
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Right
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Center
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Dispenser
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Small Ship welders
  • Fixed zombie helmet being emissive (not emissive now)
  • Fixed a typo in loading screen tip about faction chat
  • Fixed access being possible from cryo-chamber
  • Fixed blast door block description
  • Fixed component imbalance of small and large conveyor junctions
  • Fixed First colonist faction being hostile to economy factions by default
  • Fixed formatting of hydrogen tank max capacity detail info
  • Fixed inconsistencies in integrity of specific Heavy and Light armor blocks
  • Fixed inconsistency in the initial charge of a small grid small battery
  • Fixed inventories in terminal not being sorted alphanumerically
  • Fixed missing Font category on the workshop
  • Fixed missing front mount points on Vertical windows
  • Fixed missing mount points on Corner firewall
  • Fixed modded radial menu pages not being numbered correctly
  • Fixed Rotation light not having any units of measurement for the rotation speed (now in RPM in detail info)

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.200.027


  • Fixed a crash in MySkinnedEntity.TryGetAnimationPlayer
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.Guns.Barrels.MyLargeMissileBarrel
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.Guns.MyLargeInteriorTurret
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.MyLargeTurretTargetingSystem.IsTarget
  • Fixed a crash in MySectorWeatherComponent.CreateLightning
  • Fixed sensors detecting occupied grids as players (now only players or occupied blocks are detected as players)
  • Fixed solar panels not working on planets with lower than average minimal altitude (for example on Triton)
  • Fixed timer blocks not using toolbars 2-9
  • Fixed an issue with LCDs not having settings for Font size, Text padding, Image change interval, Preserve aspect ratio

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.200.029


  • Fixed "Show all players" not detecting seated players
  • Fixed inventory updating desynchronization
  • Fixed inverted controller Y not working in spectator
  • Fixed Jump Drive not jumping because it's blocked by a Projector
  • Fixed Jump Drive not jumping when close to a planet
  • Fixed Load Game screen editing always the top save instead of the one selected with gamepad
  • Fixed missile weapons shooting only from one single barrel
  • Fixed scrolling not working through block groups if you do not own a DLC

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.200.030


  • Optimized simulation speed for grids with hydrogen thrusters
  • Fixed particles not emitting environment light
  • Fixed Assault Cannon's environment light effect traveling in perpendicular direction from the projectile
  • Fixed missing muzzle flashes for turrets

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.200.032


  • Fixed critical crash on dedicated servers

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muchas gracias por el trabajo


Explain to me why your Us official server 6 is no longer showing up on your server list for me or any of my faction? We all playing fine yesterday enjoying the update then all of a sudden we all got disconnected and the server no longer shows up I woke up this morning to see if it was back up and it's still not up I'm sort of concerned... Please help faction does not want to lose progress if this happens faction will disband already been talked about


The update is amazing! please consider some of the suggestions I have made. great work, keen!

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