Sparks of the Future Major Update & DLC

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We are pleased to announce the release of “Sparks of the Future” DLC and update. 

"Sparks of the Future explores our fascination with science and science fiction and delivers on that with a vision of hi-tech visuals in the Space Engineers universe."

This update includes both free features as well as the option of paid DLC. Functional items that directly impact game mechanics are always offered as a free upgrade. Cosmetic upgrades are included as paid DLC content. This is how we structure all of our Major DLC releases and we hope you enjoy it.

What's in the Sparks of the Future DLC?

  • Sci-Fi LCDs
  • Neon Tubes
  • Sci-Fi Ion Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Ion Thrusters)
  • Sci-Fi Atmospheric Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Atmospheric Thrusters)
  • Sci-Fi Interior Wall (Reskin of vanilla Interior Wall)
  • Bar Counter, Bar Counter Corner
  • Control Panel (Reskin of vanilla Control Panel)
  • 1-Button Panel (With customizable LCD)
  • 4-Button Panel (With customizable LCDs)
  • Small Side Door (Reskin of the new vanilla Small Grid Door)
  • Sci-Fi Armor Skin
  • 2 Neon Armor Skins
  • New Emotes (“Whatever”, “Yelling”, “Charge”, “Dance Disco 1”, “Dance Disco 2”, “Looking around”, “Stretching”, “Come here, baby!”)


  • Hinge Blocks (large, small, and medium)
  • Small Sliding Door (Small Grid Door)
  • 3D Letters, Numbers and Signs (large and small grid)
  • New LCD Posters
  • Automatic Weather System
  • Sparks of the Future Scenario
  • Sparks of the Future Station: Extended Edition World
  • Rotate image function for LCDs
  • Added an option to reverse mouse scroll wheel direction when selecting block variants
  • Added support for replay tool NPCs to have different skins and colors
  • French and Spanish localization
  • Changes to hitboxes of blocks and armor

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with weather particles appearing inside cockpits
  • Fixed an issue where the campaign could not be resumed after restarting the game.
  • Fixed an issue with Character stumbling when running in mag boots
  • Fixed Out of memory crash when switching between multiple save


  • Fixed an issue with boulders containing only stone without ores
  • Fixed an issue with character unable to use interactive elements after exiting remote control
  • Fixed an issue with welder flame being offset by character movement


Hotfix 1.196.117

  • Fixed an issue with custom world "Distant Moons" is missing
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Audio.MyXAudio2.Update3DCuePosition
  • Fixed a crash at MyCampaignSessionComponent.LoadNextCampaignMission
  • Fixed a crash at MyLandingGear.CanAttachTo
  • Fixed a crash at CloudBlueprintRenamer.StartWorkflow
  • Fixed a crash at MyAchievement_ToTheStars
  • Fixed a crash at MyVoiceChatSessionComponent.OnOverlayActivated
  • Fixed a crash at Weapons.MyShipDrill
  • Fixed a crash at MyGuiScreenAdminMenu.UpdateWeatherInfo


Hotfix 1.196.118

  • Improved memory management related to sounds
  • Fixed a crash when opening and closing Xbox overlay
  • Fixed a crash when landing gear tried to lock to something that was being removed
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Audio.MyXAudio2.Update3DCuePosition

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where has distant moons gone ?


To a galaxy far far away

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