Frostbite Major Update & DLC

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    We are pleased to announce the release of “Frostbite” DLC and update. This update includes both free features as well as the option of paid DLC. Functional items that directly impact game mechanics are always offered as a free upgrade. Cosmetic upgrades are included as paid DLC content. This is how we structure all of our Major DLC releases and we hope you enjoy it.

Whats in the Frostbite DLC?

  • Frostbite Scenario 
  • Antenna Dish 
  • 6 Dead Engineer Models 
  • Gate 
  • Offset door 
  • Frozen Armor Skin 
  • 7 LCD Posters


  • Multiplayer PCU can be set to 100k in safe mode, and to 200k in experimental
  • The in-game workshop can now filter "Most voted" based on stars
  • Increased the maximum number of players in multiplayer games (4 on Xbox One and One S and 6 on Xbox One X). The Frostbite scenario can host up to 4 players.
  • Updated Space Pirates bases in Earth, Mars planet and Moon to be more performance-friendly. They now spawn and despawn in fixed locations based on grid and player proximity.


  • Blueprints over 20k PCU show only a bounding box as a “preview” to help with memory management (cannot be pasted onto the existing grid in this mode)
  • Inverse Kinematics (how feet align themselves to surfaces) now disables when simulation speed gets low enough.
  • Optimized 3rd person camera view
  • Optimized Armor deformations for performance
  • Optimized character aiming with weapons for performance
  • Optimized hand tool texture loading
  • Optimized loading wheel
  • Optimized Sensor blocks for performance
  • Optimized thumbnail loading in blueprint screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed achievements completed offline not counting as done
  • Fixed asteroids not loading until character leaves the cockpit
  • Fixed “Smile” and “Wave” achievement
  • Fixed worlds from Simple New game screen incorrectly starting as singleplayer


  • Fixed Inventory filters resetting on re-entering the Terminal

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash at Achievements.MyAchievement_Colorblind.Controller_ControlledEntityChanged
  • Fixed a crash at EntityComponents.MyThrusterBlockThrustComponent.UpdateBeforeSimulation
  • Fixed a crash at MyCubeBlockCollector.CollectBlock
  • Fixed a crash at MyPirateAntennas.UpdateDroneSpawning
  • Fixed a crash at MySensorBlock.ShouldDetectGrid
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Audio.MyXAudio2.Update3DCuePosition
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModelFactory.LoadInternalAsync

Hot Fix ~ 27/08/2020 ~ 1.194.723

  • Fixed voxels reverting in Frostbite

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I didnt read anything about scripting is it added or still under dev


If I remember right they said selected ones would be added to the game itself and probably on servers because they wouldn't be working through the console but the servers...


They talk about it in the stream..


After the frostbite update on the Xbox one, I seem to discover a bug with the interaction functionality. The problem only happens when the user remotely controls a drone or rover a couple of times then after that when trying to pick items up or enter cockpits or interact with doors or anything the highlighted outline doesn’t appear and the user is unable to interact with anything after a remote Controlled connection. I have to reload my game in order to interact with things but even if I reload as soon as I control a remote control operated grid the interaction functionality problem occurs again, this leading to a a user being forced to manually reload there game.


I have that same issue but i just go into the "spectator" view thing on second last dial (the one before the voxel hands) and just move my character and it fixed it without me having to restart.

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