Remote Control Assigned Camera

Joe Dohn shared this bug 32 days ago

'Assigned Camera' does not work if you use the Remote Control while seated on the same grid.

Ways to reproduce:Build a ship with a remote control and assigned camera, sit in cockpit, 'Control' remote.

In case it isn't clear:

The assigned camera works when "remote" controlling through antenna etc.

It does, however, not work when you're seated (in cockpit) on the same grid.

Why this needs to be fixed in my opinion:

The default remote control has no camera assigned, of course since the remote block cannot know if you have a camera on the grid, so that makes sense.

But if you go in there and assign a camera, you probably do it for a reason and thus it should be used regardless of how you access the remote.

Fixing this probably also removes one more if/else from the code, that's always a win :P

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